Ripple Co-Founder Moves 265 Million XRPs As Crypto Billionaires Lose Billions

  • Ripple and Stellar founder Jedd McCaleb removed 265 million XRPs from his wallet.
  • The recent battle in the crypto market has resulted in its net worth dropping 27 percent from $ 6 billion to $ 4.4 billion.

Recent data shared by the XRPscan platform revealed that Jedd McCaleb, co-founder and former CEO of Ripple Labs, stashed 265 million XRPs from his wallet.

Details on “wallet cleaning”

On May 1st, McCaleb received over 400 million XRPs from a Ripple wallet.

442,127,865 #XRP ($ 720,229,380) transferred from Jed McCaleb Settlement to Jed McCaleb wallethttps: //

– Whale Alert (@whale_alert) May 1, 2021

However, since May 2, 2021, 20 transfers have been made from his electronic address. In the past three weeks, separate amounts of 10 million, 17.3 million, and 13.4 million XRPs have been broadcast. He currently has 400 million XRPs in his “Taco Stand Wallet”. The recent crypto battle saw his net worth drop 27 percent, from $ 6 billion to $ 4.4 billion.

Weekly XRP dump

According to the DataMcCaleb made six transfers last week of 13,398,341,010000 XRPs each, to dump a total of 80.4 million units of the token.

His “wallet cleaning exercise” continues this week with 10,008,592,270000 XRPs being transmitted daily. So far this week just over 60 million XRPs have been dumped. The current 400 million XRPs in his “Taco Stand Wallet” are worth USD 449,116,308 at the current exchange rate.

The amount transferred has been observed to decrease every week. In April, he was broadcasting 12,093,062 XRPs every day. On the way, he reduced the amount to 8,399,180 per day. An accurate assessment by Leonidas Hadjiloizou, an XRP researcher and analyst, shows that McCaleb may run out of his XRP fortunes by September. It was previously predicted that McCaleb would run out of XRPs in early June. Its nine billion XRP holdings have plummeted.

It’s worth noting that McCaleb was in 2018 The same exercise was found to be performed after the crypto market value began to decline. The report estimates that by July 2018, it was selling between 20,000 and 40,000 XRPs per day. In August, he dramatically increased the amount to 499,312 XRPs per day and 752,076 on any given day. In September 2018, he was selling 150,000 XRPs per day. McCaleb did not disclose the reason for the action. He just said:

I am not selling more than what I agreed with Ripple.

Crypto billionaires have been hit hard by the market decline

A report found that McCaleb and Chris Larsen, a former CEO of Ripple Lab, lost $ 1.6 billion and $ 1.3 billion, respectively, between May 10 and May 19. Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, also saw his net worth plummet from $ 6.9 billion to $ 5.6 billion in just nine days.

Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, saw his net worth fall 45 percent, from $ 3.3 billion in Bitcoin and MicroStrategy stocks to $ 1.8 billion. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong also lost 15 percent of his net worth. Interestingly, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao did not suffer the same fate as his net worth remained at $ 1.9 billion over the reporting period.

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