Ripple is trying to fill key positions that the DLT giant will be heavily dependent on

Yuri Molchan

Blockchain giant is looking for someone who could fill one of the most important positions in the company and then cultivate relationships with banks and financial institutions around the world


  • Ripple looking for Senior Manager of Treasury
  • “The owner of all cryptocurrency and traditional treasury operations”

San Francisco-based blockchain decacorn Ripple has published another job posting seeking “the owner of all cryptocurrency and traditional treasury operations.”

Ripple looking for Senior Manager of Treasury

The DLT giant is looking for a Senior Manager of Treasury. The job description states that if the successful candidate is hired, they will join the Ripple Finance team and engage in cryptocurrency (say Ripple’s XRP stashes) and traditional treasury operations.

The Senior Manager Treasury will be responsible for the following areas: managing relationships with banks and non-traditional financial institutions worldwide, processing payments.

He / she will also maintain the security of the company’s crypto and cash balances, provide the necessary reporting, etc. The holder of this position is also expected to “excel in a non-traditional treasury environment”.

“The owner of all cryptocurrency and traditional treasury operations”

The catalog of tasks for the above position includes the management of relationships with existing and new banking and non-traditional financial institutions. This includes supporting treasury needs for operations within the company and supporting the growth of the network – RippleNet.

The processing of all company payments, the processing of accounts payable, salary, intercompany and tax payments are also among the tasks of the hired candidate.

The security of Ripple’s cryptocurrency holdings is also taken care of by this person.

The job description also mentions specific tasks related to XRP and RippleNet:

“Work with finance and accounting to develop short- and long-term cash and XRP forecasting models and ensure funds are appropriately allocated.”

“Compile weekly and monthly reports on global cash and XRP balances and activities.”

“Provide support for product testing as RippleNet expands both geographically and in terms of use case.”

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