Ripple Price News: ‘Brightest Altcoin’ XRP Raises To 2 YEARS | City & Economy | Finances

And he added that XRP could be used as a bridge element for exchanging digital fiat forms.

Mr. Garlinghouse said, “Using only stable coins doesn’t really solve the problem that XRP solves.

“As an extremely efficient, extremely scalable blockchain, XRP is ideally suited for this.”

Mati Greenspan, founder of QuantumEconomics, says: “We are experiencing a phase of the old season.”

He said, “The price of Bitcoin is now taking a breather. It has gone from $ 10,000 to the level where there are relatively few withdrawals now, and most people have to wonder if we have what it takes to hit a new all-time high on this run, or if we can do a little must see a retreat from it.

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