Ripple Price Prediction – future forecast for XRP

Ripple XRP Price Prediction

The ripple forecast for the past year was not as good as expected. Even so, the company has hit some milestones and is still in the upper range in terms of market capitalization.

Will the XRP price continue to rise in 2019 and how realistic are these expectations?

Ripple XRP basics

Ripple was founded in 2012 by Arthur Britto, David Schwartz and Ryan Fugger. Initially they used C ++ and designed a network for real-time clearing and currency exchange.

In 2013, the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) was launched: The new payment protocol enabled immediate transfer between two parties.

Between 2014 and 2017, Ripple focused on the banking sector. RippleLabs experimented with an app for the iPhone that allows users to send and receive money transfers. Since 2013, the Ripple protocol has been implemented by numerous financial institutions to offer an alternative transfer method for individuals.

In 2014, Deutsche Fidor Bank was the first company to use the Ripple network for cross-border payments. Prominent banks like Cross River Bank, CBW Bank, Earthport, HSBC, and Bank of America followed suit.

Ripple now has more partnerships with financial institutions than any other cryptocurrency.

Ripple has made a name for itself as a bridge between traditional banking and blockchain technology.

Ripple Forecast: The Decisive Factors

There are a few points that make experts and analysts feel positive and suggest a good price trend. These arguments speak, among other things, for a price increase of XRP:

demand: Many large banks accept Ripple as it will increase their competitiveness. The blockchain was quickly putting banks at a disadvantage in terms of transaction speed, fees, and security. Ripple currently has more than 100 institutions as partners.
Ripple overtakes Visa: Until recently, Visa was best placed to provide transaction scalability. After the upgrades, Ripple can now process up to 50,000 transactions per second. In comparison, Visa can only process up to 24,000 transactions.
New partnerships: Ripple can fall back on a long list of current and future partners. Dozens of financial institutions will be using the XRP token this year. This will have a positive effect on the XRP price.
ODL – formerly known as XRapid : Ripple introduced this new solution in October 2018. As of January 2019, at least 12 companies had indicated that they were using or planning to use XRapid. It improves transaction speed, security, and reduces international transaction and currency exchange fees.
Other new functions: Ripple introduced Codius to enable smart contracts. Xpring is another Ripple initiative that companies can use to invest in startups. The hopes for the publication of the Cobalt algorithm are also high. This was announced in late 2018 and could have a strong impact on Ripple price prediction and price development.

XRP price prediction from Decentralpost

The saga of XRP and its relationship with the parent company (it doesn’t mean to be) Ripple always goes on.

Since the pandemic hit the world, cryptocurrencies have fallen 40-50% in a matter of days. It has been much quieter in the crypto waters since then, but not all coins have recovered.

XRP is still pending, but community dissipation is palpably led by some well-known people on Twitter who have publicly declared their “exit from the XRP communities”.

All of this shows that XRP is far from safe when it comes to crypto investments, on the contrary. It’s one of the riskiest blue chip coins to put your money in.

Bitcoin is still miles ahead in terms of brand reputation and investor interest, followed by Ethereum. It’s a big drop after these two until we hit second and third tier coins in terms of investor interest like XRP.

The speculative value of XRP is still there, thanks largely to its “famous” past, but echoes of times past can only get you up to a point – after that, you need to create value. And XRP hasn’t done that yet – so this XRP price prediction for 2020 and beyond is bleak.

Ripple price forecast 2020 to 2023

Currently, Ripple ranks third among cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Experts and algorithms assume a good Ripple outlook for the next few years. It is very unlikely that Ripple will suffer a complete crash as it is too established and has many large and well-known companies and institutions as long-term partners. However, there is disagreement about the price development:

Investinghaven: The XRP token is expected to rise to $ 20 by the end of 2019. This price forecast is based on fundamental and chart analyzes.

It’s totally unrealistic in our opinion, and with we’re only a month away from the end of 2019, that prediction is as realistic as Marvel action films here.

If Ripple can continue to attract new partners and ensure that more institutional money goes into XRP, the experts believe that this would lead to an increase in revenues.

Coin switch: Based on the above facts, experts estimate that Ripple will close at $ 1.20 in 2019. The price of Ripple’s tokens is expected to rise to $ 1.20 by the end of the year.

As you may have found out by now, given the current state of crypto and XRP, that prediction is more than unlikely.

For the coming year 2020, the Ripple forecast envisages a moderate increase to USD 1.40 to USD 1.50. The price of the euro is expected to rise to $ 1.50 by the end of the year. In 5 years, i.e. 2023, the price for 1 XRP could be US $ 4.52. The predictions are based on algorithmic analyzes and possible market developments.

Smarteum: The analysis concludes that Ripple still has growth potential. However, it’s unlikely to be as successful as it was in 2017. Smarteum’s Ripple price prediction also includes competition with Stellar Lumens. With both performing very similar roles, Stellar’s win could dampen Ripple’s chances. They believe Ripple could hit $ 3 to $ 5 by the end of 2019. This is ridiculous to expect as we only have 6 weeks left.

Conclusion on the Ripple price forecast

XRP is a cryptocurrency that polarizes. There is hardly a coin in which opinions drift so far apart.

It should be noted that Ripple is heavily centralized, but it is also used so heavily and technically flawlessly. In particular, service providers from the financial sector are actively using Ripple. The number of partnerships with established banks is impressive and makes Ripple the talk of the town in the financial world.

How much the price of the Ripple share will develop depends to a large extent on how much the supply of available coins will develop. The demand for Ripple remains high. In an up-and-coming crypto market, there is a high probability that Ripple will grow just as strongly and maintain a top position. The Ripple forecast is therefore positive.

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