Ripple XRP fans are waiting for information from Coinbase about the new ERC20 exchange support in 2018

Cryptocurrency investors are patiently awaiting Coinbase’s decision on Ripple (XRP) after the “Fast Money” rumors are put down.

Cryptocurrency holders have long been waiting for news whether or not Coinbase will add Coinbase itself or GDAX, their accredited exchange only for investors who will add the popular cryptocurrency “ripple”. Ripple (XRP) reached a market capitalization of over $ 25 billion on March 25, 2018. Ripple is the only coin that is not available on Coinbase and falls into the range Top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

An announcement of a upcoming appearances by Coinbase President and COO Aiff Hirji and Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple on CNBC’s “Fast Money” was a major source of rumors and speculation from crypto enthusiasts who envision that this gig could provide information about Ripple’s listing. With this excitement Ripple increased.

Ripple did not want to comment on it, relying on his policy, not to respond to rumors or speculation. However, Coinbase released a statement to Twitter stating that executives intended to talk about trends in the cryptocurrency and that a final decision has not yet been made regarding the ripple.

Coinbase definitely has announced that they will add support for ERC20 tokens this year, but questions remain about the specifics of their upcoming offerings. Nevertheless, many Ripple fans continue to hope for the addition of the asset.

Some experts are still not convinced of the possibility of Ripple getting to Coinbase due to the platform’s strict criteria for listing new tokens. diary Crypto newsletter states that the majority of Ripple tokens will remain with Ripple itself, negating the ability to reside on Coinbase as the teams must keep a minority stake.

Coinbase’s process of adding new assets can be viewed by anyone on Medium here.

Until then, Rumors continue to affect the top ERC20 coins like XRP, EOS and DASH.

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