Robert Kiyosaki supports Bitcoin as “the biggest crash in world history is imminent”

Robert Kiyosaki has stated that buying Bitcoin, gold and silver are good choices as he expects the biggest crash in world history to come.

The American businessman and author of the acclaimed book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” spoke about the current financial market.

Kiyosaki is a bitcoin maximalist who has been very vocal about his opinion on bitcoin for the past few months. The 74-year-old’s latest tweet supports gold, silver and Bitcoin as safe havens for a global financial market crash.

In a tweet, Kiyosaki stated, “The best time to prepare for a crash is before the crash. The greatest crash in world history is imminent. The good news is that the best time to get rich is during a crash. The bad news is that the next crash will be a long one. Get more gold, silver, and bitcoin while you can. Watch out.”

The famous author has voiced his concerns about the current financial markets several times and reiterated his belief that markets could see a massive crash in the future. In a tweet last week, he once again supported Bitcoin, saying, “The biggest bubble in world history is getting bigger. The greatest crash in world history is imminent. Buy more gold and silver. Waiting for Bitcoin to drop to $ 24,000. Crash’s best time to get rich. Watch out.”

Bitcoin holds $ 30,000

While Kiyosaki expects to buy Bitcoin around $ 24,000, the price appears to have stabilized above $ 30,000. The current price on Monday is $ 34,200. The bitcoin mining hashrate recently hit a 13-month low following the recent ban on bitcoin mining in China. However, the Bitcoin price seems to have stabilized for the time being.

The acceptance is growing

While Kiyosaki supports Bitcoin as a store of value like gold and silver, countries and companies continue to view Bitcoin as a viable asset in terms of risk diversification and a store of value.

Recently, Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas recommended Pliego to use Bitcoin in the country. Pliego stated that his bank was working to become the first in the country to accept Bitcoin.

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