Samsung’s Galaxy Store is now accepting TRON Dapps

As an extension of a previous partnership that was signed in October 2019 to enable support for TRON e-wallets, Samsung will now offer TRON Dapps in its dedicated Galaxy Store.

Tron and Samsung consolidate existing partnership

Samsung and Tron have expanded a previous partnership that was formed last year and focused on allowing Tron wallets in the Galaxy Store of the South Korean tech giant. However, according to the latest link, Tron can now introduce Dapps to the Galaxy Store and potentially pave the way for gambling solutions later.

The Galaxy Store has started accepting Dapps At Monday, April 27, and various on-chain games are allowed first. No iGaming solutions were mentioned, but competitors like Google Play and Apple Store have strict guidelines for all gambling products.

Comment on the latest developments, Justin sun, Tron founder, argued that the partnership would allow both companies to develop their ecosystems by bringing their products closer together.

This is the beginning of a new era for Tron, Sun says

Earlier this year, Sun spoke to Forbes crypto and blockchain contributors Darryn Pollock
about Tron’s closer ties to Samsung. Here is what he said:

“This is the beginning of a new era. Imagine: After Samsung and all phone manufacturers start integrating blockchain technology infrastructures, applications that can contain blockchain or cryptocurrencies will appear everywhere. “

Dating back to October, 2019, this partnership has lasted a long time. Samsung released a software development kit (SDK) Allow users to access the Tron blockchain from the company’s devices.

Sun called the latest development an “amazing opportunity” and was pleased that Tron would be able to reach new audiences over the Samsung network. Samsung is also a leading manufacturer of smartphones and tablets, overtaking its main competitor Apple with nearly 100 million more units shipped in 2019. Apple has caught up, however.

Approval for crypto gambling products could be a leap, however, as the project has been criticized lately by Sun and sparked a spate of social media attacks. In particular, Sun is reportedly trying to place inexpensive validators in Steem’s proof-of-stake system, CoinTelegraph reported.

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