San Holo releases double single ‘black and white’ and ‘MY FAULT’

San Holo releases the double single ‘black and white’ and ‘MY FAULT’: Listen

Continuation of the excitement for his second studio album ‘bb u ok?’ fall on May 21st, San Holo released not one but two brand new singles from the album. The decision to release two singles was a last-minute decision, but fans were more than happy with the decision and so come to “Black and White” and “MY ERROR”.

‘black and white’ retains the dreamy guitar sound that is a theme in this album and can also be found in his earlier work. His ability to translate these experiences into music represents an emotional time in his life and is part of what makes his productions so unique, real and raw that the listener can bond with them strongly. It has a drop that the listener can dance to, but it’s not just a dance track. It allows for real connection and deep feelings.

‘MY FAULT’ is emotional too, but focuses heavily on nothing but San’s vocals and guitar, without the use of standard electronic tracks. There are certainly no dry eyes when this title is played. About this route San Holo says:

“’MY FAULT’ is probably the most personal song I’ve ever written. It’s a song about a chapter in my life, a relationship with the ups and downs. Being on the road a lot and with music was my primary goal. I’ve always been skeptical about being in a relationship and afraid that I wouldn’t be able to fully surrender myself to someone. I can’t commit myself and don’t fall in love easily until it happened to me recently. […] Writing these songs really helped me get back on track. In the first few days I was in Los Angeles to write this album, I really struggled to find something that made me feel good musically. MY FAULT was finally the first song I did for bb u ok? wrote and was really passionate. In many ways, that was the starting point for the album. “

Singing and producing from the heart, these tracks are small parts of San Holo’s life and he shares them with us. Watch both music videos for the following tracks and watch them along with the previously released singles on Spotify.

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