San Holo releases touching second album ‘bb u ok?’

Sander van Dijck aka San Holo has released an extensive 20-track LP for his second album bb u ok? via his own imprint bitbird. As San Holo stated in an Instagram post, “This album is the biggest announcement in the history of San Holo” and consists of his “most personal work.”

The album was certainly one of the most talked about album releases in 2021 and features well-known artists such as Mr. Carmack, Mija, Rivers Cuomo, Chet Porter, American Football, Bipolar Sunshine and longtime collaborator The Nicholas. Sander teased the fans with an early drop of “find your way” with Bipolar Sunshine. This is the second time San Holo has worked with him, the first time on Album1 where Bipolar Sunshine borrowed his vocals for “brighter days”. Bipolar Sunshine is twice in bb u ok? where the second track is ‘new’.

Longtime EDM artist Chet Porter got emotional on Twitter talking about his experience creating her song, “You’ve changed, I’ve changed” and said that “it gives me goosebumps and makes me emo because I get flashbacks when we did “it, such good times.” This song has melodic vocals and extremely relatable lyrics that go down really well. How much passion and creativity has been put into this project can certainly be seen by listening to it and the emotions are definitely deep. Chet Porter has been quiet all last year and this collaboration marks his first music release in 2021. Social media hasn’t stopped talking about it since the announcement of this collaboration and it’s certainly one of the most anticipated collaborations on the LP.

Throughout the album, you will experience uplifting lyrics and fluttering bass music that feels inspiring and graceful. San Holo is no stranger to using instruments in his music and you can find a lot of carefully placed guitar chords that fit really well with the music. When you listen to it, you can tell how much each track is close to his heart, he got into his headspace while creating the album;

“I tend to think of the music I put out as different chapters in my life … I wrote ‘bb u ok?’ in a new chapter in my life … I learned to deal with what happens “after love”. I flew to LA and just started writing and writing, trying to express everything I had felt over the past few months. The change of scenery definitely helped, as returning to LA (as I did for Album1) brought back some fond memories of the previous chapter. ”

This music chapter really shows how he coped with losing love and then moving on. If you just look at the track titles, you can tell that he really put emotion into every song. With some song titles like ‘I just fucking want to cry’, ‘lonely in LA’, ‘IT HURTS’, ‘I’m thinking of you’ and ‘one more day’. San Holo really tuned his sound to show an indie and softer side of producing and to make it so personal it makes the music a lot more authentic!

The hand-signed two-disc vinyl is already sold out, but special pressings are on clear vinyl, tapes and CDs are still available and are expected to be shipped on the day of publication.

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