Satoshi Nakamoto plagiarized my Bitcoin paper

Craig S. Wright, an Australian computer scientist who claims to have created the billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin payment log, accused Satoshi Nakamoto of plagiarizing his paper.

Bitcoin SV founder emphasized that he is the original author of the Bitcoin whitepaper during the CC Forum in London. According to eyewitness Toni Vays, a famous cryptocurrency trader who was also present at the event, Wright has provided no evidence to support his claims. Instead, he said he would have to win a lawsuit before the university allowed him to publish what is known as the real Bitcoin white paper.

So CSW “FakeToshi” just admitted on stage that Satoshi plagiarized his 2008 paper that the university won’t publish until he wins the lawsuit?
* I’m sure someone posted the video

– Tone Vays – (@ToneVays) October 16, 2019

According to Wright’s earlier statements, the development of Bitcoin was the effort of a team, not an individual. He had claimed to be an integral part of the group that conceived the cryptocurrency. Still, in the early days of Bitcoin, Wright failed on many occasions to provide cryptographic keys from messages that were digitally signed by the real Satoshi Nakamoto. His failure to prove his involvement led many to believe that Wright was a fraud.

In February 2018, the estate of Dave Kleiman (now deceased) also initiated a lawsuit against Wright for allegedly stealing $ 5,118,266,427.50 worth of bitcoins. The judge on the case ordered Wright last month to hand over all bitcoins to Dave Kleiman’s brother, Ira. If Wright had produced this bitcoin, he would have proven his involvement in the bitcoin project. But he didn’t, which led many to say that he didn’t even have those tokens.

The case also revealed that Wright forged Dave’s signatures to steal the bitcoin – a similar argument he is now making against Satoshi Nakamoto.

Community laughs at it

Wright’s latest stunt sparked sly reactions from the cryptocurrency community. A Twitterati joked about Wright’s previous statements, saying he claimed he was Satoshi Nakamoto and is now referring to the same name as if it were a third person.

“So he plagiarized his own newspaper,” JJ wondered.

So he plagiarized his own newspaper?

– JJ (@ lordhodl1) October 16, 2019

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee meanwhile added:

So the latest claim is that Satoshi is a cheat ?! LMAO?

– Charlie Lee [LTC⚡] (@SatoshiLite) October 16, 2019

Word manipulation

Other eyewitnesses accused Vays of taking Wright’s words out of context. Diego SV, a hardcore Bitcoin SV fanatic, made it clear:

“In the fireside chat, CSW refers to the impending McCormack case and how its 2008 paper will come out, which shows that large parts of it are identical to the 2009 one Bitcoin White paper. He clearly states that this either proves that I am Satoshi or Satoshi has plagiarized me. “

In the later discussion with Mike Beaver, Tone Vays manipulated this formulation of CSW to argue that CSW admitted not to have written the whitepaper. I find it incredible how such a bias can occur in anyone who is capable of thinking. It is ridiculous.

CSW #Bitcoin $ BSV
Satoshi Nakamoto

– $ DiegoSV ?? (@_Bitcoin_SV) October 16, 2019

[Disclaimer: The author holds small amounts of Bitcoin SV after the last year’s Bitcoin Cash hard fork. The author does not trade or speculate on the said assets.]

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