silver [$SLV] Big Short Squeeze begins, Wallstreetbets aims for silver price of $ 1000

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Silver Short Squeeze WallstreetBets

The Wallstreetbets group picks up Silver [$SLV] For the next short squeeze target and SLV price, the price is already rising by $ 26.5 at the time of reporting. It should be noted that JP Morgan is among the largest silver short positions and may be the next Melvin Group.

Big Short Squeeze, Wallstreetbets with an SLV price of $ 1000

The silver price for hourly candles is already looking good as the SLV price rose to $ 26.7 at the time of reporting. As reported by Coingape, the Wallstreetbets group has its eye on an SLV price of $ 1000 and is calling it the largest short squeeze in the world.

Briefly press silver Briefly press silver

JP Morgan is clearly the group’s next target after Melvin Capital recently suffered a major setback with GME stocks. JP Morgan is reportedly the largest short position in silver and the short squeeze is clearly going to detract heavily from it.

Wallstreetbets Silver Short SqueezeWallstreetbets Silver Short Squeeze

According to the latest reports, Robinhood has already delisted GME amid the steep rise in prices, while $ AMC and $ GME are reportedly being stopped several times now.

$ AMC and $ GME were both paused for the second time lol

– CryptOrca (@CryptOrca) January 28, 2021

It is clear that in the war on Wall Street, centralized applications like Robinhood favor big Wall Street players. It will be interesting to see how the exchange will behave in the event of a Silver Short Squeeze.

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