Snoop Dogg performs at a VIP Ripple event

Ripple has announced that it will host a VIP XRP Community Night in New York City next month. The event brings together organizations, crypto exchanges and wallets, developers, crypto advocates and entrepreneurs. The American rapper Snoop Dogg will also give a live music performance.

Much of this group will be in New York City for Blockchain Week next month. As a special thank you to those who build liquidity, validate transactions, develop on the XRP ledger, view xRapid as a liquidity solution and share the good words about the many benefits of XRP, we are hosting a special night.

It is an invitation-only event, however 10 tickets across two competitions will be offered on Twitter. The first contest, Twitter Trivia, will take place on April 26th on Ripple’s account. The followers are asked three questions and the first 8 people with the correct answers receive the tickets. The second competition, Make the Meme, requires users to write captions for the images posted by Ripple. The winners are the owners of the two best captions.

Cryptocurrency is not a new topic for Snoop Dogg. In December 2013, he tweeted that he was jokingly selling his next album for Bitcoins.

My next record available in bitcoin delivered in a drone.

– Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) December 2, 2013

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase said they could “make the bitcoin part a reality”.

@SnoopDogg info sent by DM! Happy to help.

– Coinbase (@coinbase) December 9, 2013

The cryptocurrency payment provider BitPay also offered its help, which the rapper gladly accepted.

Hey @SnoopDogg DM sent! let’s rock this

– BitPay (@BitPay) December 9, 2013

While some people applauded Ripple’s recent announcement, others mentioned that the decision was a little strange. “[T]The main thing about Ripple that I liked was the formal approach they had. Getting Snoop there feels like, “Hey, we can be young too,” wrote one Reddit user. Another user said that this would get Ripple to the front page of news websites and articles: “I don’t know why you all think this is a bad decision by Ripple … This will be a lot of attention for Ripple.”

Photo credit: deposit photos

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