Solana Monkey Breaks NFT Record On Solana, Selling for Over $ 2 Million US

A Solana Monkey recently became the first NFT on the Solana network, selling for a record-breaking $ 2 million. The NFT in question is part of the 5,000-strong ‘Solana Money Business’ collection and is simply called ‘Solana Monkey # 1355’.

That news comes just a month after the sale of the very first NFT on the Solana blockchain, which happened in early September 2021.

Solana Monkey Business seems to be in high demand, and it’s definitely a limited supply. This is because it is a collection of only 5000 “unique and randomly generated” NFTs that are created and stored on the Solana network blockchain.

The range at Solana Monkey Business is pretty small, but it’s not the most limited collection on Solana. This award would go to many other collections through SMB

This latest sale is well above the average retail price of Solana Monkeys, which sold for an average of 422 SOL in the past 24 hours, which is still a massive $ 74,272 per monkey. This is based on information from Solanalysis.

These monkeys are by far the most valuable type of NFT currently auctioned on Solanalysis, with an average daily retail value of 422 SOL. That number tops the closest NFT collection called “Thugbirds,” which averaged 137.4 SOL over the past 24 hours (or the current value of $ 176 per single SOL, $ 24182.4), with a lower supply from SMB only 3,333.

More about Solana

There are currently over 400 projects built on the overarching Solana blockchain, and the team behind it claims the blockchain is “the fastest … in the world” and “the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto”. It’s also completely permissionless, like Ethereum – with support for development using the programming languages ​​Rust, C ++ and C.

Like Ethereum, Solana is a blockchain with support for advanced functionality via smart contracts that enable applications such as creating and trading NFTs and DeFi

Key features include Layer 2 support with greater scalability in terms of speed and fees for creating and trading NFTs, DeFi products, and other applications.

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