Solana (SOL): What is the SOL crypto? What are SOL Price Predictions?

Apparently, the Coinbase effect is still a real thing in the crypto world. For investors in Solana (CCC:LEFT USD) and the SOL crypto, today’s news that Solana officially participates in the Coin base (NASDAQ:COIN) Platform is a very good thing indeed.

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The more liquidity, the better for cryptocurrencies. And the ability to trade SOL on another exchange gives investors another reason to hold that altcoin.

In fact, Solana has created a lot of confusion lately with its Coinbase list. Solana was originally supposed to be listed on Coinbase at the end of May. However, technical problems prevented the listing and pushed the introduction of Solana Coinbase back by almost a month.

This morning Solana was finally made available on the Coinbase platform. Accordingly, there was great interest in this digital token coin. Many may be wondering what the future holds for SOL from here.

Let’s take a look at what the experts think of SOL’s direction.

Price Predictions for SOL Crypto

For reference, the current SOL price at the time of writing is $ 39.04.

  • DigitalCoinPrice lists the 2021, 2023, 2025, and 2028 price targets for SOL at $ 57, $ 78.59, $ 115.67, and $ 170.28, respectively.
  • Additionally, Coinpedia suggests that SOL could trade in the $ 34.91 to $ 40 range this year. Over the next five years, the website estimates that a target of $ 212.08 could be achievable.
  • WalletInvestor lists one-year and five-year price targets of $ 127.58 and $ 483.57, respectively.

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