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Source: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office / TMZ

republican Stacey Dash just caught a dub. The unsuspecting actress and proud black woman has been arrested for domestic violence, and Twitter is delighted with the slander.

Yes, there are body cam recordings.

The story of Dash’s trip to the cooler is an epic slander.

According to TMZ, she was pinched on Sunday night in Pasco County – Florida, of course – after police received calls for a domestic worker. She reportedly laid hands on her husband (this is her fourth marriage) and the police arrested her after seeing scratches on his arm.

Dash was held on bail of $ 500 and was reportedly held for 24 hours to cool off. Bruh …

Twitter has been full of comments since Dash was arrested again. Despite being a woman of color, her involvement with the GOP party has made her persona a non-grata in woke circles.

Check out the jokes going on below.

The current 911 phone below, detailing the incident. “They all say what I am, I am the stepmother as they all hate me. They are just disrespectful, terrible children. “

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