Star Trek Fleet Command earns an incredible $ 10 million a month | Pocket

ScopelyStar Trek Fleet Command ‘s premier strategy game earns over $ 13.7 million a month.

According to reports from Sensor Tower, the title passed that monthly milestone in March after spending over $ 40 million worldwide on Android and iOS.

This March milestone represents a five percent increase from $ 9.5 million the previous month. At the time of writing, Fleet Command has enjoyed over four million installs.

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The majority of this income comes from the United States and accounts for 62 percent of total spending at $ 24.8 million. Germany follows in second place with 10 percent or 4 million US dollars.

Sensor Tower also announced that Fleet Command was ranked 45th in U.S. player spending in March, slightly ahead of licensed competitor Marvel Strike Force.

Star Trek Fleet Command isn’t the only current version of Scopely. His cartoon pirate Looney Tunes: World of Mayhem reached a million downloads in the first 24 hours.

The launches were part of a strong year for Scopely that allowed the company to move to a new 60,000 foot headquarters in Culver City.

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