Stellar Lumens (XLM) can be the biggest Crypto Bull Run

Ripple has had a great time the past two weeks. However, the end of the seven day streak created a small recession in the cryptocurrency space and affected the progress of all cryptocurrencies in the market.

However, considering that the Ripple Lab will soon be launching its xRapid platform to contribute more to the banks that are part of the network. The platform would launch in the next two months. This news is likely to bring favorable circumstances to XRP and some progress in its market value can be expected.

The Ripple community is expecting Bull Run (as always). The Ripple’s market value looks like it has been hurt by the time since it saw the boom. Mass guesswork in the crypto market has got a new target as other cryptocurrencies on the market are tied to the value of XRP. Investors in the developing crypto market want to recover as soon as possible.

Investors look out for a cryptocurrency called Stellar. It’s a company that aims to do something similar to what Ripple plans to do. The company is trying to develop an easily scalable general ledger that will make transactions between traditional banking institutions more efficient. Speculators argue that XLM will follow its participant in the coming weeks, suggesting that it will seek a parallel bull run.

The Stellar Advantage
As indicated by some specialists and their reviewers in the crypto space, Stellar has a significant advantage over Ripple when it comes to marketability. Although Ripple was developed to work with traditional banks in the regular field, experts say that Stellar is only suitable for working with Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and decentralized applications (DApps). This dual utility is one of the core tools of the Stellar’s marketability.

Stellar has already tried getting into the spotlight to make sure it gets close to Ethereum. The two platforms could be advantageous for the development process of DApp and ICO. However, Stellar offers an attractive list of features like low trading costs and pre-built decentralized exchanges.

When it comes to XLM, the feature that enables high-volume filing is definitely the factor that will move XLM forward. On the other hand, Stellar is still a long way from taking Ethereum’s place as a favorite among digital currency developers and the blockchain platform.

Regulations and rules are important topics when it comes to cryptocurrencies. However, the Stellar Foundation has pursued its goal and is safe (and out of the reach of the court) while Ripple has been tasked with staving off many attempted lawsuits by angry investors who lost their money in this token.

What’s next?
The Stellar development team has released information on the roughly three basic updates. Stellar’s development team is trying to bring two more cryptos to market. Users are allowed to execute their own trades without making them on the real Stellar blockchain.

Stellar also plans to beta for its new lighting system; this news is perhaps all the more appealing to the tech-savvy blockchain experts. With the whole thing that was revealed by the Stellar group and how it was in the Star prediction, some indicators expect a significant bull run just before the end of the current year.

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