Stellar’s Bull Run is not expected

Stellar Coin (XLM) is an open source, distributed, and community operated platform supported by the Stellar Network. Jed McCaleb and Stellar Coin’s own stellar network were created in 2014. The platform offers the possibility of transferring cross-asset values. And the value transfer across assets takes place with minimal effort. The goal of Stellar Coin (XLM) is to make itself a full-fledged financial system that offers financial services at very low cost, and it also aims to connect all financial institutions worldwide so that the transaction time becomes shorter for cross-border transfers with complete anonymity and security.

With a very high return on investment (ROI) of 4128.42%, this coin ranks 8th in the crypto market. Although the total coin circulation limit is not specified, the total supply is 104,862,366,606 XLM, of which 19,261,665,326 XLM are currently in circulation. The current value of each Stellar Coin on April 5th at 06:44 UTC is 0.126017 USD. Market capitalization at the same moment was $ 2,427,290,453. The value in BTC is 0.0002534 BTC, and the 24h volume is currently 416.727.126 USD.

Stellar Coin’s value trend has been inconsistent. Experts predict that this will continue into this quarter as well. In the first week of February, it bottomed at 0.074 in USD. But it quickly gained momentum. The last month has been a roller coaster ride for Stellar Coin. Market capitalization on March 5th was $ 1,615,323,553. And the value of each coin in USD and BTC was 0.084075 and 0.00002222, respectively. The current market capitalization was 50.26% above the value of the previous month on the same day. And the value of each coin in USD has increased 49.88% from its value on March 5th. The value has risen since March 5th, except for a slight increase around March 26th.

With Stellar Coin seeing growth lately, it is obvious that price consolidation is still pending. There could be a further price correction recently. Despite it, Stellar Lumens Predictions Experts predict that Stellar will see no bearish move this quarter except for a few negligible cases. The market is being pumped for Stellar Coin, and the short term investors must aim for $ 0.15 to $ 0.16 for a huge profit margin. Long-term investors need to be patient. The Bull Run may not happen in the coming weeks, but it will certainly happen this quarter or the next. This can bring in a whopping 100% profit for those investors who like to stay.

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