Strategies For Crypto Enthusiasts To Earn Free Bitcoin

If you don’t want to keep buying BTC to grow your investment, there are several ways to start earning free bitcoin. Some are passive investments while others require you to work. However, the truth is that all strategies take time to generate good returns.

If you are up to the task, consider one or more of the options discussed here.

Earn free bitcoins by trading

Crypto trading is a traditional way to earn more digital assets. Investors first buy Bitcoin at a lower price and later sell it at a higher price. Different platforms with appropriate tools enable trading with Bitcoin.

For example, you will earn lots of free bitcoins if you have a tool to monitor real bitcoin prices on multiple platforms. This way you know where BTC is being sold cheaply and where at a higher price.

Get free bitcoin by mining

What is BTC mining? With the right software and a powerful computer, you can mine free Bitcoin with ease. It involves solving math challenges required to approve transactions on the blockchain. At the very least, using an app or software to help you mine in a mining pool doesn’t require much initial income than doing it on your own. The latter requires a lot of capital to set up the supercomputers and mining software.

Earn through a Bitcoin savings account

You’ve probably heard of HODLing. But for those who haven’t, you can earn bitcoin interest through a crypto savings account. When you HODL with YouHodler, you receive an interest rate of up to 12% APY.

In addition, you can withdraw your Bitcoin on the platform to earn weekly interest in any crypto or fiat currency. Finally, it’s worth noting that YouHodler and other reliable crypto savings accounts store your assets in a Bitcoin interest wallet, but investors can access these finances at any time.

Try Bitcoin Loans

It is possible to make money lending Bitcoin. You can do this with individuals or with a platform that has pools of liquidity. So how do investors earn free bitcoins through this lucrative opportunity? Once you lend Bitcoin, the borrowers pay it back with BTC interest which is your profit.

When an outside broker is involved, you and the broker share the BTC interests in an agreed relationship. Bitcoin lending has become very popular these days, especially as the crypto ecosystem is growing at a rapid rate.

Take part in a bitcoin faucet

In the Bitcoin Faucet, users are randomly rewarded with small amounts of BTC. If you are a user of BTC, you can participate to earn free bitcoin, even if it is a small amount. According to the cryptocurrency pioneers, they reward a millionth of a unit of a BTC for simple tasks like checking links and solving captchas. Anyone can participate anytime they know the websites that give out these gifts.

Get rewarded for shopping

Shopping rewards companies work with web stores to reward specific shoppers. BTC is one of the rewards you get, especially if you are primarily paying for your purchases with crypto. Therefore, shoppers earn bitcoin for free every day when they purchase certain items online, such as vehicles, clothing, jewelry, and housewares, among others. This is a win-win as the rewarding companies encourage buyers to buy more.

Take part in Bitcoin Airdrops

One of the newest strategies to promote a crypto coin is to send random coins to users with their addresses. This enables them to get free bitcoin while those involved in the sending also get a fraction of the common BTC. This is known as BTC airdropping.

While common with newer coins, Bitcoin has made a habit of using airdropping to further build its reputation. So, it’s easy to find websites that allow users to participate in thousands of airdropping projects every year.

Play mobile games to earn bitcoins

If you are still wondering how to create bitcoin for free, you can get that opportunity by playing mobile games on certain websites. It’s a worthwhile system for testing games, promoting game websites, and even entering online gaming competitions.

You have to look for websites that pay with BTC to play games and then devote some time each day to participating. According to Top Gamers, some websites are paying so well that you can make this a regular source of income.

Write for bitcoin websites

You can earn Bitcoin for free by writing informative articles, reviewing BTC, and participating in other related projects for Bitcoin websites. This could be exchanges, crypto review websites, or others.

Surprisingly, all crypto websites are in constant need of content, and if you are a good writer you are likely to get lots of writing jobs that pay well. Lots of people have made it a full time job, especially when there is a reliable source for writing projects.

With the above options, you now know how to create Bitcoin for free, which will go a long way in growing your digital assets.

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