SUSEE chose IOTA Tangle to manage large sensor networks

IOTA Foundation announced another strategic partnership for data transmission and processing in sensor networks, this time with SUSEE.

SUSEE (short for Secure Sensor Platforms for Smart Energy Networks) is a cooperation between the energy distribution network operator SWO Netz; the two research institutes Fraunhofer FIT / IPT, the TU Chemnitz and the medium-sized companies peerOS, mCloud Systems and TIP. The company selected IOTA Tangle as the primary technology for managing large sensor networks.

Digitized data management for power distribution

The energy management industry has seen many changes and advances over the past few decades. The most important innovation in this industry is digitization, which brings numerous advantages for the monitoring and control of sales channels as well as further energy savings. The use of sensors to monitor the distribution network is a must today.

Many players in the industry install sensors in their large networks. Now it is a critical challenge to manage the sensors and make sure the data is correct and reliable. The SUSEE collaboration was formed to solve this challenge and uses IOTA Tangle as the backbone of the distributed surveillance system.

SUSEE is a research project consisting of major players in the data and energy industry. The aim is to find a solution for the design of a scalable system in data management. Simply put, the final solution will help customers have reliable and secure data transmission and processing in sensor networks. Members of the organization will work on the solution and provide a comprehensive solution that meets the standards of the Federal Office for Information Security.

The management of data transmission in sensor networks requires different tools and services from different companies. Cloud computing, networks and IoT systems are essential for this solution. Andreas Baumgartner, CEO at mCloud Systems and consortium leader, said:

“The combination of the latest IoT technologies and protocols enables unparalleled confidence in the wireless transmission of information. Together with the IOTA Foundation and our cooperation partners, we are working on a technical solution that uses the latest communication technology to provide a secure and scalable basis for infrastructure applications. “

IOTA Foundation, a member of SUSEE, will help the team deploy IOTA distributed ledger technology in data transmission and processing. The technology is combined with the wireless network protocol LoRaWAN and the self-configuring WiBACK backhaul network. Holger Köther, Director of Partnerships at the IOTA Foundation:

“Ensuring data integrity and data management encrypted and secure directly from the edge is the core DNA of IOTA.”

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