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Bitcoin is without a doubt the largest cryptocurrency on the market. Not only has it managed to open the door to other cryptocurrencies, but it has also managed to stand the test of time and stay on top. It is estimated that of the 7 million crypto users worldwide, around 5-6 use Bitcoin, which is a pretty fascinating number.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Bitcoin’s popularity rises with each passing day as thousands of new traders register on its network. So we wanted to see what makes Bitcoin so popular and so popular with the public. We’re going to take a look at some of its greatest features. Let us begin.

Fantastic liquidity

Liquidity is the measure of how quickly a product or service can be converted into money. Bitcoin outperforms every other cryptocurrency on the market. This is a massive feature as it allows you to make a profit pretty quickly.

Institutional interest

The reason Bitcoin has fantastic liquidity is the fact that the majority of crypto users are trading it. But there is also enormous institutional interest in it. Thousands of companies accept it as a payment method. There are many global brands among these companies and some of those that deserve a mention are Expedia, Microsoft, Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Overstock.

The high interest increases the infrastructure and brings stability to the network, which means that you can easily connect with other traders and use this cryptocurrency.


2021 was just incredible for Bitcoin. It managed to break the 2017 record and hit a high of $ 63,000. Although its value has been falling since and since July, Bitcoin is worth around $ 35,000, but there’s no denying that it’s extremely profitable.

Because of this, many traders register with reputable trading sites like Bitcoin Profit and begin their Bitcoin trading journey. Some research has even found that Bitcoin managed to turn around 100,000 ordinary people into millionaires, which is extraordinary. You can read that Bitcoin Profit Review to familiarize yourself with this platform and its offers.

The above trading site even uses AI systems capable of predicting the future price of Bitcoin. Here is how. The systems collect all relevant data about Bitcoin and use it to see how this cryptocurrency will fluctuate in the near future. Now it is important to mention that you are not guaranteed a profit, but the chances of making one increase.

Superior security

The security that Bitcoin offers its users is an advantage over regular payment methods and other cryptocurrencies. Yes, every cryptocurrency offers users some online anonymity, but Bitcoin’s system cannot be compared. The chances of getting scammed on the Bitcoin network are almost impossible.

Massive future potential

After all, Bitcoin has enormous future potential. Countries are already becoming more lenient, and El Salvador recently became the first to recognize it as legal tender. Not only that, the future prognoses are extremely good too.

Considering that Bitcoin is finite and the process of Bitcoin mining will be harder in the future, its price will continue to rise. The earliest forecasts are for late 2021 and early 2022, as experts believe Bitcoin could hit $ 100,000.

In the more distant future, it is assumed that Bitcoin will reach USD 500,000 in 2030 and after 99% of all Bitcoins have been mined, which, by the way, should happen in 2032, this cryptocurrency will increase in value and thus, in 2037, 1 million US- Reach dollars. There are no more accurate predictions about its future, but we do know that Bitcoin 2140 will be fully mined.

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