Telegram test of an Ethereum-compatible blockchain

Telegram is publicly testing its highly anticipated blockchain project ‘TON’. The company’s blockchain will be compatible with Ethereum, allowing developers to port their Ethereum smart contracts. This resulted in a tech startup working on the project alongside Telegram.

Ethereum DApps will be available for Telegram’s new blockchain project

Telegram, one of the fastest growing messaging apps in the world, is working on one of the most anticipated blockchain projects this year. The Telegram Open Network (TON), which hosts the company’s native cryptocurrency program, is slated to launch in late October.

Known for its lack of transparency, Telegram was silent for several weeks when it set up the network for public testing. Last week, sources close to Telegram announced that its blockchain will be compatible with Ethereum. The news came from TON Labs, a tech startup tasked with developing various tools for developing the Telegram network.

Alexander Filatov, the CEO of TON Labs, said one of the tools the company had been working on since July was a Solidity compiler. With the programming language mainly used in Ethereum, users can port smart contracts from Ethereum to the Telegram network.

“That was probably the hardest thing we built. This allows the advanced Ethereum community to pull everything they wrote for Ethereum into TON, ”Filatov said.

The public test of the telegram network begins

According to a report by the Russian business newspaper Vedomosti, public tests of the Telegram Open Network will begin shortly. The company will publish the code and instructions required to install and host a Telegram node to the public.

The network’s sharding and consensus mechanisms will also be available to the public for testing, according to the Russian publication. This allows users to confirm new blocks in the blockchain.

Two sources close to Telegram revealed the news – Vedomosti said one of the sources was a TON investor while the other was the head of one of the companies participating in TON’s closed testing phase.

We still have to see if TON’s public tests produce positive results for the network. The same sources said that those who participated in the closed round of testing had various bugs and issues when installing test nodes.

In less than two months to Telegram’s deadline to roll out TON, the company will be under great pressure to enforce the public testing. If it fails to launch a functioning blockchain on October 31, Telegram states that it will return all of the money it has raised from investors.

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