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August 30, 2019, Singapore– – Stablecoin Terra SDT (SDT) and Mining Token Luna (LUNA) are listed on the BTC and USDT markets.

Terra, the project build the neThe payment system of the xt generation in the blockchain announces today that both the stablecoin Terra SDT (SDT) and the mining token Luna (LUNA) will be listed on the global cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin. Deposits will open on August 28th at 8:00 AM UTC. Trading begins at 10:00 a.m. UTC with the trading pairs LUNA / BTC, LUNA / USDT and SDT / USDT.

Terra is a blockchain payment network powered by two tokens: Terra and Luna. At its core is the algorithmic stablecoin Terra, which is referred to a family of cryptocurrencies, each tied to the major currencies in the world. Terra’s flagship currency, Terra SDT, is linked to the IMF’s SDR and serves as the unit of account for the Terra Protocol. Terra is backed by a second token called Luna, the mining token that not only powers Terra’s blockchain but also derives its value from receiving Terra’s transaction fees.

Terra is making blockchain-based payments a part of everyday life by providing incentives for both consumers and merchants. Terra offers merchants significantly lower transaction fees by eliminating unnecessary middlemen, and offers buyers 5-10% off any purchase funded by the growth of the underlying stable coin economy. Terra’s plan to get his stablecoin into the hands of millions is being driven by a growing e-commerce alliance that includes Asia-Pacific giants like TMON (e-commerce, Korea), Woowa (grocery delivery, Korea) and Carousell ( C2C, Singapore) and Tiki (e-commerce, Vietnam).


Michael Gan, CEO at KuCoinsaid:

“As a People’s Exchange, KuCoin is committed to supporting promising blockchain projects and providing crypto investors with a wide range of digital assets. The next generation payment network developed by Terra has the potential to boost the blockchain economy. We are pleased that this great project is joining our trading platform, and we very much appreciate your contribution to promoting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. “

“Terra’s transaction volume has grown rapidly since it started in June. The number of users is already over 400,000. We’re excited to see a global exchange like KuCoin listing Terra and Luna at a time of unprecedented growth, and look forward to growing Terra’s economy as more ecommerce partners add Terra as a payment option. ” said Daniel Shin, co-founder of Terra.

Terra recently announced new e-commerce partners like Korean music streaming giant Bugs and Sinsang Market, the largest B2B fashion platform in Korea. Investments were recently announced by HashKey Capital from Hong Kong, LuneX from Singapore and the US hedge fund Ulysses Capital. Terra’s mining token Luna (LUNA) is also listed on the global cryptocurrency exchanges Bitrue (BTC / XRP) and Bittrex (BTC).

About Terra:

Terra is designing a price-stable digital currency that will power the next-generation payment network in the blockchain. Terra is partnering with an ever-growing alliance of global e-commerce platforms to bring the benefits of blockchain such as low transaction costs to merchants and everyday consumers. By bridging the gap between digital currencies and real applications, Terra aims to develop an open platform for innovative financial apps and increase the real GDP of the blockchain economy. Terra was founded by a team of business, finance and blockchain experts and has offices in Singapore and Korea. For more information, see https://terra.money/.

About KuCoin

The KuCoin Exchange opened in September 2017 for trading cryptocurrencies and recorded steady growth through 2018. The KuCoin Exchange attaches great importance to the quality of the projects listed, based on a well-trained research department that searches the blockchain industry for projects of the highest quality. KuCoin provides an exchange service for users to conduct transactions with digital assets safely and efficiently. Over time, KuCoin would like to offer its more than five million registered users in over 100 countries permanent added value. In November 2018, The People’s Exchange officially partnered with IDG Capital and Matrix Partners.

More information can be found on the website: https://terra.money/

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