Terra increases to 40% weekly profits: where to find LUNA. to buy?

Terra (LUNA) has seen 40% gains in the past seven days, the best weekly performance of the top 30 cryptos

Terra is one of the few big coins in the green today, with a 7% daily gain that stands out in a sea of ​​red. The last seven days have been positive for LUNA as well and the price has increased 40% since last Monday.

If you’re looking to buy Terra today, we’ve created this quick guide to get you started and show you the best places to buy LUNA.

How and where to buy Terra in the UK and elsewhere?

Terra became mainstream in the cryptosphere during the early part of this bull run and as such is widely used by many of the top exchanges and brokers. If you’d like to buy LUNA coins today, log into one of the platforms recommended below and make a deposit. You can start trading the top coins today as soon as your account is funded.

What is terra

Terra is a next generation blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem focused on refreshing the stablecoin market and implementing real world solutions with crypto. Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terra, is committed to driving adoption by bridging the gap between the worlds of crypto and fiat.

Terra has gained great popularity due to its innovative stablecoin system (which includes the USD-pegged UST) as well as its payment processing functions: Payments via Chai, an e-commerce platform popular in Asia, are processed via the Terra blockchain. Terra’s first token offering in 2018 raised $ 32 million, and the project remains well funded.

Should I buy LUNA today?

LUNA is one of the few major cryptocurrencies to make gains over the weekend, and Terra is up more than 40% in the past week. This means that Terra investors have outperformed everyone else in the top 30 coins since last Monday. Should this trend continue along with the ever increasing adoption of Terra, purchasing LUNA will be a breeze for some.

LUNA 1 year chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

As can be seen from Terra’s 1-year chart, LUNA seems to be picking up speed again. If the crypto market in general revives the April and May bullish trend, LUNA could fully resume its bull run and venture higher to make new highs above $ 20. That could be a double increase from the current price of $ 11.73.

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