Terra Vs Tether Chart Analysis (LUNAUSDT # 5) for BINANCE: LUNAUSDT by AlanSantana

This is exactly the opposite of what we just saw BANDBTC .

BANDBTC acts near his All the time Low, which makes the chart look great for the lowest priced buyers like me.

Instead of this, LUNAUSDT acts near his All the time High … Something we don’t prefer and we definitely don’t trade, but there are different methods, different strategies, different trading styles … Here’s what this chart has to say.

the LUNAUSDT Diagram has bullish Technology everywhere.

We have a strong one RSI and are in the middle of a very strong bullish Run.

On October 4th week we had a bearish close.

Something to look out for at this level, but the bears aren’t strong.

Wear volume is quite low and prices continue to trade above EMA10.
As long as LUNAUSDT trades over $ 33.80- $ 34.60, a hefty one bullish Potential remains.

With an additional bullish We’re aiming for $ 52, $ 71, and $ 82, it can go much higher … Additional targets can be $ 111 and $ 152, respectively.

Main support levels based on the previous one bearish Wave would be about $ 15 in the range between $ 13.90 and $ 19.60.

Where do i see this?

It can easily push another leg up before a major correction shows up … But don’t blame me if it doesn’t happen, this is not my type of chart.

Remember, I am for low risk and high potential rewards.


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