That’s why it’s time to post profits in BSV, LINK and VET

Every bull run comes with comebacks, and some comebacks offer a greater chance of winning than others. In the current circumstances, the cases of altcoins like VET, BSV, and LINK can be perfect examples.

Take VeChain, for example. After falling to the $ 0.04 level in the last week of February 2021, it made a comeback a few hours ago, hitting a new high of $ 0.186. While Vechain isn’t as popular as other altcoins with relatively low market caps, with its increasing trading volume and market cap, it has become a top altcoin to watch out for.

Factors that contributed to this comeback were the rebound in Bitcoin prices, the increasing inflows of investments in altcoins, and Vechain’s partnership with Salesforce.

Bitcoin SV is another example: the price of the crypto hovered between $ 178 and $ 207 for almost a year before recently hitting a new high above $ 267. BSV’s trading volume has increased by over 22% in the past 24 hours. The volatility of BSV was also over 200% in the past week. In anticipation of the Coinbase listing, the price of BSV also experienced a comeback: Over 99% of the HODLers were profitable.

Bitcoin SV Price Chart || Source: Messari

While the current sentiment in the chain is bearish for BSV, the price has soared to $ 330 levels recently with the recent comeback. The comeback was mainly driven by the increasing number of NFT protocols in the BSV network. The trading volume is expected to continue to increase at the current price level, especially if BSV’s trading volume increases by over 20%.

Another altcoin that is making a comeback this season is Chainlink. LINK rallied several times before the price of Bitcoin exceeded the price trend. The most recent comeback came from Grayscale’s growing LINK holdings.

These low market capitalizations are celebrating a comeback from VET, BSV, LINK


Given the increasing institutional investments in LINK, the trading volume of LINK increased by almost 60% in addition to the price increase at the time of going to press. In the top spot exchange markets, trading volume is also increasing to match the current altcoin rally. Nevertheless, the trading volume has not reached the level of the last week of February 2021 or the first few weeks of March 2021.

At the time of going to press, the percentage of offerings from LINK held by top 1% addresses had increased a 3-year high of 84,201%. The previous high was observed less than a week ago. While selling pressures could increase, top altcoins with relatively low market caps such as VET, BSV and LINK are resisting the same.

The volumes are up over 100% and the mood on the chain is still a little bearish, yet 99% of HODLers were profitable at the above levels. The comeback of these altcoins is also driving the crypto market capitalization, faster than the Ethereum price rally, and this could be the ideal time to post profits before the altcoins price rally ends this season.

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