The Avalanche (AVAX) ecosystem introduces Avalaunch, a launchpad and an IDO (Initial DEX Offering) platform »CryptoNinjas

Avalaunch leverages Avalanche’s scalable, high-throughput, low-latency platform and is being rolled out as a next-generation Launchpad and IDO (Initial DEX Offering) platform exclusively for the Avalanche ecosystem and community. The platform is expected to go online in May. The native asset XAVA will be listed in the Pangolin AMM a few weeks beforehand.

Avalaunch positions itself as an ecosystem accelerator and has a strong focus on upholding community values, fair participation and building innovative functions that improve the fundraising landscape.

Avalanche + avalanche start

With the deployment of the Avalanche mainnet late last year, Avalaunch is able to strengthen the already lively early community with an emphasis on fair project starts. Currently, it is focused on bringing its Launchpad to market and innovating projects at Avalanche so that users never have to settle for networks with centralized control or high transaction fees.

Bringing next-generation projects into the avalanche

With the Avalaunch Launchpad officially launched, developers have a clear path to funding applications based on the Avalanche platform.

With parabolic growth in decentralized finance, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies in general, it will now be easier than ever for projects to access advisory, technical, finance, and marketing functions directly from network stakeholders as well as other teams in the ecosystem.

The main mission of the project is to significantly expand the Avalanche ecosystem by adding new projects and builders to the community. New projects can take full advantage of Avalanche’s low transaction fees, near-instant finality, and decentralization, and connect with passionate users who believe in new, bold technologies.

“Everyone on our team firmly believes in the potential of Avalanche and wants to be the center of attention. Today that means helping strong teams prepare for launch as the industry wakes up to developments at Avalanche and the opportunities for developers to create applications of the future. We want Avalaunch to really contribute to the good work that was ahead of us and not just exist below. “
– Mark Stanwyck, director of Avalaunch

With the platform’s upcoming launch, Avalaunch is looking for strong teams who want to leverage the unique benefits and architecture of Avalanche in new and interesting ways. If you’re building on Avalanche and interested in fundraising, please email or submit an application form.

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