The Bitcoin Association appoints Marcin Zarakowski as internal legal advisor and public order manager

TRAIN, Switzerland, April 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Bitcoin Association, the SwitzerlandA global industry organization working to advance the Bitcoin SV blockchain business announced today that it has been appointed Marcin Zarakowski as the first in-house legal advisor and public policy manager. Zarakowski will have his seat at the headquarters of the association in Zug. Switzerland.

Zarakowski’s hiring is the latest addition to a growing number of seasoned professionals at the Bitcoin Association who are working to build a regulation-friendly global ecosystem for blockchain technologies and digital assets. In his new role, Zarakowski will both handle the day-to-day legal affairs of the Bitcoin Association as well as contribute to its rapidly growing public policy agenda, with a focus on the European Union and the surrounding areas.

The Bitcoin Association continues to engage with policy makers around the world and work to educate government agencies on how to support and implement blockchain innovation. The association and its supporters have advised on the application of legal and regulatory frameworks for digital assets and blockchain technologies around the world, including during the drafting phase of the Digital Assets Business Act 2020 in Antigua & Barbuda. In addition to their firsthand work in space, the Bitcoin Association has made efforts to raise public awareness of these issues, including creating Blockchain Policy Matters – a legal and regulatory-focused online web series in which guests, including U.S. Congressmen, were greeted Patrick McHenry (R-North Carolina 10) and US Securities & Exchange Commissioner Hester Peirce. Recently, the association’s new Blockchain for Government Initiative took a trip to meet them Khartoum, Sudan Leading the first Sudan Blockchain Summit and workshops as well as holding meetings to educate government and business leaders about the progress of blockchain technology Sudan digital transformation in the reconstruction of the country.

Zarakowski joins the Bitcoin Association as an experienced employee in the blockchain area and is switching from the Lisk Foundation – another non-profit organization based in Zug that is active in the field of blockchain technology and digital assets. He has particular experience with legal issues related to blockchain, data protection, anti-money laundering compliance (AML), and intellectual property. Zarakowski has proactively contributed to regulation and legislation related to blockchain technologies, both as co-chair of the data protection working group at the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications and as a member of the working group on DLT and blockchain as part of the Ministry of Digital Affairs of Poland . In addition to his legal experience, Zarakowski is a Certified Information Privacy Professional – Europe (CIPP / E).

The Bitcoin Association Founding President speaks at today’s announcement Jimmy Nguyen, commented:

“The Bitcoin Association is committed to supporting a regulation-friendly ecosystem for blockchain technologies and digital assets – one that balances the need for a lawful environment while promoting and encouraging innovation. Marcin’s experience will be valuable as we expand our political work and blockchain Government initiatives expand beyond Europe and Surrounding Areas – Educating decision-makers about the power of BSV as the only public blockchain with the ability to scale indefinitely to meet business and government needs. And as a former attorney, it’s wonderful to welcome another attorney to the Bitcoin Association team. “

Comment on his attitude, Marcin Zarakowski said:

“I am very excited to join the Bitcoin Association as I see tremendous potential for the successful implementation of the BSV blockchain in a number of different use cases in both the public and private sectors. I am stuck with its ability to scale indefinitely I am convinced that BSV can be the catalyst driving the mass adoption of blockchain technology and successfully realizing its truly disruptive potential. I look forward to helping the Bitcoin Association and its Blockchain for Government Initiative in my new role bring the regulatory To control and contribute to the environment for blockchain technologies and digital assets. “

Via the Bitcoin Association

Bitcoin Association is the Switzerland-based global industrial organization working to advance the Bitcoin SV blockchain business. It combines essential components of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem – companies, start-ups, developers, traders, exchanges, service providers, blockchain transaction processors (miners) and others – who work together alongside them and in a representative capacity for the further use of Bitcoin SV -Blockchain and the introduction of the digital BSV currency.

The association is working to build a regulation-friendly ecosystem that encourages lawful behavior while enabling innovation using all aspects of Bitcoin technology. Bitcoin is not only a digital currency and blockchain, but also a network protocol. Just like the Internet Protocol, it is the basic set of rules for an entire data network. The association supports the use of the original Bitcoin protocol to run the only blockchain in the world on Bitcoin SV.


SOURCE Bitcoin Association

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