The bitcoin programmer, who has two password estimates to claim £ 175 million, has made peace with the loss

A Bitcoin programmer “made peace” by losing millions after failing to guess his password to access the property.

Stefan Thomas has only two tries left to regain his £ 175 million savings.

However, the computer programmer said “time heals all wounds” after trying eight times to enter the password.

A decade ago, Mr. Thomas received 7,002 Bitcoins in exchange for creating an animated video about the cryptocurrency.

The large amount was stored on a small hard drive called IronKey, which allows 10 tries before the content is encrypted forever, reports LadBible.

He misplaced the password in 2012 and has been trying to retrieve it ever since.

Stefan Thomas had written the password on a piece of paper

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The San Francisco native said, “There were a few weeks when I was just desperate, I have no other word to describe it,” reports KGO-TV.

“You’re kind of questioning your own self-worth. What kind of person is losing something so important?”

The expert was unable to access £ 175 million

The expert was unable to access £ 175 million

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He also spoke to the New York Times and said, “I got to a point where I said to myself, ‘Let it be in the past just for your own sanity'”. ”

Earlier, the expert announced that he had two more tries and said he had written the password on a piece of paper.

He told The Sun that he would just lie in bed and think about it, and desperately search his brain for the answer.

Stefan has

Stefan “made peace” with the great loss

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“Then I would go to the computer with a new strategy and it wouldn’t work and I would be desperate again,” he said.

The Silicon Valley programmer has also warned other savers to keep their passwords safe.

He said on Twitter, “I hope others can learn from my mistakes. Test your backups regularly to make sure they are still working.

For the sake of his own health, he has now placed the IronKey in a secure facility and hopes to re-examine attempts to access it in case someone finds a new path.

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