The bullish signal that caused Bitcoin to surge 250% is triggered again

Bitcoin signals are usually a great way for traders to know what is coming in the market. They may not always be accurate, but they help provide information about possible patterns of movement in the marketplace. Things like green bitcoin candles indicate whether the asset is entering another bull market. And usually these indicators are used to place trades in the market. With that in mind, the price of BTC was up 250% the last time this signal was triggered.

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The bitcoin hash bands have always been a way of showing how much pressure to buy is on the market right now. And the last time the hash bands indicated strong buying pressure, the price of the digital asset took a massive bull run. Now the hash bands begin to indicate a strong buy signal in the market. This signal was last seen towards the end of 2020, and into 2021 we saw the following massive bull run that caused Bitcoin price to hit a new all-time high of $ 64,000.

Buy signal shows that another attempt is coming

The graph shows that the current Bitcoin trends are putting the market under strong buying pressure. Accumulation patterns continue to suggest that investors are now buying coins instead of selling them. Wallets stock up on BTC to replenish their inventory. The price of BTC has held steady momentum after breaking the $ 45,000 resistance point, placing it in a unique position to continue the bullish rally.

BTC hash bands indicate strong buy signals | Source: Twitter

The hash ribbons now indicate a strong buy signal. If history can be remembered, then the rally that followed could see the price of the asset crash above $ 100,000 before the year ends. Given the already high price of the digital asset at this point. The bitcoin price would then most likely be followed by the altcoin market. Forcing the entire market into another bull market.

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One more event remains to be seen that will trigger this rally. The occurrence of a dip after the hash bands show a strong buy signal was also a characteristic of this. A cycle low in mid-September will be the last buy signal to be triggered. Then the setup is complete for the price of the digital asset to recover.

Bitcoin market stays green

After crashing from its all-time high, the market was believed to be in a bear market when Bitcoin slumped above $ 30,000 for the first time since January. Momentum declined in the months following the crash, which seemed to bolster sentiment that the market was finally in a bear market. But the past three weeks have proven this to be wrong.

Bitcoin price chart from

BTC price remains above $ 45,000 | Source: BTCUSD on

Now investors are pouring into the market again as Bitcoin rages in price. The bull rally is fueled even more as all of the money comes back into the market. Despite small drops, the price of Bitcoin had largely stayed the same. Record of 15 green days within 22 days. Something that had never been on the market before.

As investors buy assets to wait for the next wave of rally, traders look to the charts for guidance on how to place their bets. The bulls have currently taken over the market, which means the shooters have amassed massive losses after the market. Another attempt towards December now seems to be the most likely scenario for the digital asset.

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