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9/14/2021 – 10:15 PM GMT

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The Cash Forex Group (CashFX) offers a wide variety of multi-level currency trading opportunities for a broad base of prospective investors through its Trading Academy Pack (TAP) program.

Anyone interested in Forex trading can learn key operational strategies and develop invaluable industry knowledge by enrolling in CashFX’s TAP program. Rather than entering the world of forex trading with limited knowledge and understanding, TAP enables its participants to benefit from CashFX’s extensive team of experienced and successful trading experts. TAP is hugely beneficial to individuals of all skill levels and offers everything from basic Forex introductions to advanced trading lessons.

The trading platform TAP enters into contracts with brokers regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of London and the Financial Services Authority (DFSA) of Dubai. TAP is also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FSCA) of South Africa and the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Seychelles.

To meet the needs of the broadest possible customer base, CashFX and the TAP program offer commercial contract packages that start at just $ 300. For the wealthier investor, CashFX / TAP also offers commercial contract packages that go up to $ 100,000.

CashFX divides the investment funds of the new TAP program participants into two different camps. 70 percent of every investment in trading contract packages goes straight into the trading pool, where they generate substantial dividends. The remaining 30 percent is automatically added to the TAP Compensation Plan, which is split equally between your sponsor and the TAP Unilevel Commission Pool.

For example, if a program participant initially invested $ 1000, $ 700 would land immediately on the Forex trading floor, while $ 300 would provide compensation for existing members of the CashFX / TAP network. However, instead of going directly to the company, $ 150 of that $ 300 will go directly to your TAP program sponsor as a Fast Start Bonus, and the other $ 150 will provide additional compensation through the Unilevel commission pool.

This means that individuals who choose to exit the TAP program must be prepared to lose 30 percent of their original commercial contract package funding. The reason for this is simple: this percentage of the investment has already been paid off! While CashFX can refund 70 percent of the initial financing of the commercial contract package after claiming related penalties, the company simply cannot pull money from sponsors or return payouts from the Unilevel commission pool.

In addition to initially investing in commercial contract packages at a variety of funding levels, CashFX offers various levels of engagement through programs for grassroots investors (bears) and network builders (bulls) alike. Before attendees decide on a commercial contract package, they must choose one of these two tracks.

The bear investor will double their money without taking any further action. In other words, an initial investment package of $ 1000 is maximized at $ 2000. Program participants looking to earn more have the option to upgrade to a higher package as long as they do so before they reach 200 percent growth (earn double their original investment). Wallet for a fee of 20%, half of which is used for withdrawals from the Unilevel Commissions Pool. Then they can transfer funds from their Bitcoin wallet to the upgrade trade contract package of their choice.

As a networking bull, TAP program participants stand out from the bears by making money in two ways. In addition to doubling your initial Commercial Contract Package investments as detailed above, you will double that again by leveraging the power of CashFX’s highly profitable networking platform. The different ways to generate dividends through networking include Unilevel Commissions, Fast Start Bonuses, and Forced Matching Matrix Bonuses. Investors at the $ 1000 level who refer only one person to the program automatically become the network builder who can earn up to $ 4000 in total. TAP cops collect revenue from the Unilevel commission pool at one of ten levels. After starting at level 1, participants in the network building program can qualify for higher and higher levels of earnings over time.

Both bulls and bears can earn investment dividends through forced matching matrix commissions. These commissions are ranked according to the number and success of people referred to the TAP program, as well as “spillovers” (recommendations from other network builders on the platform that fall below you in the network hierarchy). The Forced Matching Matrix works because CashFX takes 20 percent of every participant withdrawal. This policy generates money to pay participants up and down the matrix so that they can take advantage of the profits of others, creating a win-win situation for everyone involved.

While the details of the CashFX / TAP program may seem a bit complex at first, they are actually quite simple and straightforward. After registering in the system, attendees will be amazed at how easy it is to learn forex trading and make money at the same time. For more information on how the TAP program can make money for both recruiters (bulls) and non-recruiters (bears), please visit either the CFX Global Partners website or the BTC Giveaways website today.

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