The Complete Beginners Guide to Understanding – Bitcoin Magazine

Author: Bickers, Kiara

Binding: paperback

Number of pages: 233

Release date: 08-05-2020

Details: “The best book on Bitcoin I’ve read so far. It’s a bloody masterpiece.” – Leigh Cuen, CoinDesk reporter “I’m in my sixties and I’ve never understood what Bitcoin is made of. It really opened my eyes and made me understand … A must to read. Never too late to learn anything new . ” – Seven, Five Star Reviewer “This is truly one of the best books for readers to understand something as complex as Bitcoin. Really tactical and well-written. Highly recommended.” —Marcus, Five Star Reviewer “Excellent explanations (and charts) with great humor and intelligence. I knew very little about Bitcoin before reading this book, but I now have the knowledge to decide whether to invest in Bitcoin and how much to buy. “- Helen, Five Star Reviewer Are you trying to understand” magical internet money “? The road to understanding Bitcoin is not always easy. News reports, soundbites and market tickers could never tell the full story. People do not accept or see Bitcoin as “digital gold” just because the term is used to explain it. People don’t understand Bitcoin until they find a new perspective that allows them to see the value in it for themselves. Kiara Bickers offers a new way to get closer to Bitcoin without the hype or jargon. With the help of mental models and visual elements, Bitcoin Clarity unfolds the hidden knowledge of how the blockchain works and why it is valued. Whether you’re all-in or a skeptical investor, the book will forever change the way you look at money and cryptocurrency.

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches

Languages: English

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