The crypto trolling financial advisor is outraged after calling for Bitcoin to be banned in the UK

A financial advisor who started a petition calling on the UK government to ban Bitcoin transactions told Modern Consensus, “I want to crash crypto.”

In a telephone interview, Neil Liversidge said he didn’t mind that his petition had only 111 signatures at the time of writing – and said:

“It had the desired effect as a lot of Bitcoin people got angry.”

Liversidge added that he “had an idea what would happen if I published this petition. I’ve had death threats, I’ve had people wishing me dead, I’ve had tons of GIFs telling me to shut up. “

Which doesn’t annoy him in the least. He said:

“Some of this is already in the hands of the police. One of the fools who contacted me is now having problems with his professional association for using his own address. I couldn’t have asked for a better answer. “

Liversidge warned that those who own cryptocurrencies are “speculating on fresh air” – and expressed his determination to cripple the criminal gangs that use digital assets.

Liversidge also alleged that senior law enforcement officials in the UK and abroad are upset about the lack of action being taken to contain Bitcoin: “None of them can understand why governments are on their hands over cryptos as they have been . If it were up to these people, my petition would not be necessary. Anything I ask there would have been done years ago. “

He’s not entirely wrong, although few elected officials are calling for an outright ban. However, the UK Financial Conduct Authority banned the sale of crypto derivatives to retail investors in October.

Earlier this week, European Central Bank President Christine LaGarde called for increased regulation, arguing that Bitcoin was being used for “some fun business and some interesting and utterly reprehensible money laundering activity.”

A long way to go

British citizens can create petitions on a government website. However, action will only be taken if they receive a high level of public support.

The government is responding to petitions signed by more than 10,000 people – and the issue will be considered for debate in parliament after 100,000 signatures.

Liversidge, who runs West Riding Personal Financial Solutions and is a regular contributor to financial matters for the BBC, did not apologize for his dullness in the interview and referred to his company’s motto: “Honest advice in plain English.”

It was equally pronounced on Twitter using the hashtag #BitcoinShitcoin and writing, “Bitcoin ‘wealth’ is also illusory. When you buy it, you’re just a bigger fool than the seller, and he breathes a sigh of relief. “He also said:

“The supply of fools is running out, people are awake.”

Liversidge added, “One of my haters has the self-proclaimed ‘qualification’ of CBP – Certified Bitcoin Professional. The ‘Certified’ bit is almost correct. It should read “Certifiable”. “

The sometimes violent response to the Yorkshireman’s campaign and the fact that he expected it to happen shows that the crypto markets (and some of their followers) are not mature, despite all the billions of dollars pouring into Bitcoin.

But Liversidge had a clear message for those who had paved the abuse and threats since his petition started:

“You piss on an electric fence.”

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