The EOS Coinbase suspension is due to a decrease in performance

Due to the loss of performance at Coinbase at EOS, the digital money exchange company announced on Saturday via Twitter that EOS transfers had been suspended until further notice.

It is reportedly not the first time Coinbase has seen such degraded EOS performance as reports filed earlier this week in which the exchange firm indicated that EOS activities could be suspended. However, Technical issues that led to the EOS Coinbase suspension have not been detailed as steps appear to be being taken to restore the system.

The EOS Coinbase suspension did not stop EOS trading on the Coinbase network as EOS trading is currently functioning normally on the system as the suspension only affects the sending and receiving of EOS which will need to be resolved after the investigations are completed.

EOS Coinbase Suspension, answer from Crypto

Instead of the announcement on Twitter that Coinbase has suspended EOS, the official handle of EOS Nation responded to Coinbase tweet. EOS Nation acknowledged in their tweet that the exchange company’s degraded performance was true, but then they restored the system. EOS also offered to help the company troubleshoot issues if necessary.

Hello @CoinbaseSupport! Although the network had some microforks on February 20th, the EOS mainnet is extremely reliable at the moment. If you are still having issues, please feel free to contact us as we will be happy to help you resolve the issues. 1/2

– EOS Nation (@EOS_Nation) February 22, 2020

In another report, an anonymous Reddit user also announced that it is having a hard time sending EOS due to the low processing power.

Transaction cannot be completed due to EOS CPU usage

After that, it is assumed that possibly the EOS network has been attacked which has overloaded the system, or that certain auditors are not doing what should be done for some unknown reason. However, the assumption has not been officially validated.

The EOS dApps

Regarded as the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications, EOS is a blockchain-based, decentralized system that allows decentralized applications (dApps) to be created, hosted and executed on a commercial scale on its platform.

The platform does not have an official form, as its makers have not yet decided which form it would belong to exactly. The crypto enables all the necessary functions for companies and individuals to create blockchain-based applications in a way that is no different from the web-based applications. It provides secure access and authentication, authorization, data hosting, usage management and communication between the dApps and the Internet.

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