The first comprehensive TRON ecosystem Oracle WINkLink goes live and opens a new journey of integration and exploration

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 27, 2021 / With the Crypto Bull in full swing, numerous institutional and retail investors have joined the market, blurring the line between blockchain and traditional finance. Against this background, the blockchain industry urgently needs an infrastructure with high throughput, high scalability and high availability in order to be able to accommodate more investors and data.

Justin Sun and his TRON are not going to stay away in any way. While others are calling for Layer 2 solutions and the scaling of Ethereum does not seem feasible for the foreseeable future, TRON takes on more than half of the requirements that Ethereum does not meet. This can be further corroborated by TRON’s notable achievements in recent times: TRON-based USDT claims supremacy over Ethereum and leads the stable coin market; The number of TRON accounts has exceeded 30 million …

TRON projects and DApps benefited from TRON’s recent boom, seeing an explosion in their token price and user base. WINk, TRON’s DApp with the best charts, is a perfect example.

WINk recently announced the acquisition of JustLink, the first official decentralized oracle project on the TRON network. The move aroused strong market interest and marked WINk’s entry into the oracle market. What does the alliance between WINk and JustLink mean? There is a lot to reveal if you reconsider.

The official takeover of JustLink by WINk brings new waves to the Oracle market

The WINk team recently announced that they have completed the acquisition of This move marks the launch of the first comprehensive oracle of the TRON ecosystem, hosted on The deal gives TRON-hosted projects a strong boost and ushers TRON into a new era of online and offline integration.

WINk (WIN) is a TRON-based gaming platform and WIN is the native digital asset. WINk uses various incentives such as user mining and new token economics to offer a high quality and decentralized gaming experience. It’s a place where developers can build really working DApps and users are incentivized to become an active part of the WINk ecosystem.

The story goes on

Last year, on December 16, WINk CEO Lucia Wong said at the TRON World Summit: “WINk is a decentralized blockchain gaming platform. We were the first DApp to be introduced on the Tron blockchain in 2018. In 2019, WINk became the Most popular DApp around the world All chains generate more than 2.8 billion dollars. WINk is also the first gaming platform to be launched on the Binance Launchpad. “

At WINk, users have the opportunity to access TRONbetDice (DICE) and TRONbetLIVE (LIVE) and more, as well as mainstream tokens such as WIN and TRX. The quarterly report shows that the annual interest rate for WIN, DICE and LIVE in January was 64 123, 123 % and 137 recorded, respectively.

WIN is also very much in demand in the secondary market. Statistics on Binance show that WIN fell from $ 0.000098 in January to $ 0.0029 in early April, posting a 30x return over the past few months.

In contrast to tokens priced at a few thousand or even tens of thousands of dollars, TRX and WIN are apparently the cheaper and more practical option for general retail investors.

Crypto is a place where projects come and go in the blink of an eye, but WINk can attract large audiences with its clear position as a gaming platform, wide variety of games, and the support of the strong TRON network. And it is time for the WINk team to secure the dynamism and open up a new perspective for WINk. This is why the introduction of Oracle is so important for the gaming platform this time around.

The WINkLink oracle service fully integrates the real world into the blockchain area by transferring reliable, timely, transparent and tamper-proof data to sophisticated intelligent contracts using blockchain technology. WIN, a TRON-based TRC20 token, will be the governance token of the WINkLink Oracle network.

With the team’s research efforts, in a few years the WINkLink Oracle Service will be able to provide reliable, unpredictable and verifiable random numbers, fully restore trust and improve user experience by retrieving data, events, payment systems, etc. from the real world .

JustLink: An Affordable and Trustworthy Oracle Option

JustLink was high on WINk’s list because of its inherent advantages.

On October 30, 2020, the JUST Foundation launched TRON’s first official oracle project, JustLink. As a decentralized oracle project running on the TRON network, JustLink securely supplies smart contracts with real world data including, but not limited to, loan price, stable coin exchange rate, derivative prices and market estimate. JustLink has immediately entered into strategic partnerships with Poloniex, SUN, Steem and other renowned organizations and companies. There are seven official nodes hosted by JustLink which are TronLink, Poloniex, JustSwap, TronGrid, uTorrent, BitTorrent, and PoloniDex.

JustLink is based on the powerful TRON network and is extremely affordable, safe and reliable. To date, the TRON network has not seen any major security attacks and is immune to malicious acts. This makes it a trustworthy option to hold real DeFi data and user resources.

For WINk, this revolutionary alliance is both an innovation and a reform, a new beginning and a remake. WINk CEO Lucia Wong commented: “We are very excited to bring WINkLink oracle to the market. One of the long-standing problems developers and projects have faced has been the real, timely, transparent and tamper-proof mapping of real data to the Blockchain The problem persists, it hinders the creativity of blockchain developers and projects. I am sure that WINkLink oracle will vastly improve the situation, bring the value of blockchain to more people and fuel the mass adoption of this technology. “

Without a doubt, the powerful combination of a DApp with top charts and the oracle star JustLink will show promising prospects for the future.

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