The secret story of Team Macro Cosmos

With the start of The crown tundra, Pokémon sword and sign are finally all wrapped up. As in previous generations, an “evil team” has to be defeated in the Galar region, but they take a back seat for most of the game. Only at the end of your Gym Challenge does Team Macro Cosmos step out of the shadows on the darkest day, which is short-lived. But Pokémon is a series full of secrets and world building. If you dig a little deeper, you might find out that there is more to the story. Let’s explore a Pokémon theory!

Pokémon Theory: The Secret Story of Team Macro Cosmos

Before we go any further, be warned that this article will contain story spoilers. I’ll talk about the plot of Sword and Shield, including the DLC. This Pokémon theory also touches on some of the lore of the Sun and Moon games and makes a brief reference to the Gen 3 remakes. When you’re ready to take a closer look at the stories of Pokémon, then dive in!

Macrocosm and the darkest day

What is Team Macro Cosmos hiding? First, let’s summarize their known goal. Chairman Rose wants to awaken the true form of Eternatus. This will trigger an event known as “The Darkest Day” that will spread Dynamax energy across the region like a storm. The darkest day will make Pokémon angry, but that’s not Rose’s goal.

The soil in the Galar region is saturated with Dynamax energy and is used for power supply. Concerned that Galar will run out of energy in about 1,000 years, Rose wants to use Eternatus to replenish the region’s reserves. H.We are counting on Leon to subdue Eternatus and put an end to the Dynamax storms after the energy is released. Instead, Hop and the player character appear and summon Zacian and Zamazent to save the day.

Enter zero secret story

Macro Cosmos is a firmly Conglomerate, and the darkest day isn’t their only interest. After the credits roll, you get a pretty big clue of another Pokémon phenomenon they’re investigating. There is a Macro Cosmos employee in the Battle Tower lobby who will give you the Pokémon Type: Zero. This is strange because Type: Zero is a legendary Pokémon from the Alola region and an artificial Pokémon at that.

in the Sun and moonThe Aether Foundation created it as an artificial arceus and designed it to fight Ultra Beasts in Ultra Space. So what’s it doing in Galar? Here’s what the Pokedex has to say.

“It is rumored that the theft of top-secret research notes led to the creation of a new instance of this Pokémon in the Galar region.”

It sounds like Macro Cosmos either hacked or broke into the Aether Foundation, and so they got their hands on one guy: Zero. W.What other etheric knowledge and goodies did they steal? You need to know about Ultra Space by the time you have the Type: Null Research Notes because that’s what it was designed for. So does Chairman Rose keep looking where Lusamine left off? There’s one more possible clue in the base game and that’s the Macro Cosmos name itself.

“Cosmos” refers to all of physical reality, the universe in its entirety. And cosmology as a study includes the multiverse theory. That’s an odd name for Rose’s company when you think about it. The games list 14 different affiliates that are part of Macro Cosmos, including banks, television networks, insurance agencies, and media companies. None of them have anything to do with space or other dimensions. And there’s not even any indication that Rose, like other stereotypical villains, wants to “take over” the world. But the name makes a lot more sense when Rose explores the multiverse behind the scenes. There wasn’t much to go on, but then The crown tundra published and gave us new clues to get into this Pokémon theory!

The Max Lair and Ultra Space

Alola scientist macrocosm the darkest day

The Dynamax Adventure cave is full of legendary Pokémon from all over the world. The scientist who leads the expedition even says they are not from Galar. How did you get there? If you talk to Peonia often enough, at some point she will tell you that Solgaleo or Lunala (depending on whether you have it) sword or sign) was the first legendary Pokémon to appear in the cave, and others have followed suit. These two Pokémon are famous for their ability to open ultra wormholes, and This is as the other legendaries show up. They come from parallel universes.

And like almost everything in Galar, the entire Dynamax Adventures operation appears to be owned and managed by Macro Cosmos. If you look at the entrance to the Max Lair, you will notice a series of energy containers with cables running in them and connected to scientific equipment. These energy containers are identical to the ones we see in the Eternatus egg room of the power plant. This is Chairman Rose’s technology. If you talk to Peonia enough, she’ll also reveal that the scientist who heads the Max Lair used to work in a laboratory in the Alola area. Now these stolen research documents make sense! It appears that Rose has recruited staff for the Aether Foundation … and what secrets they may bring with them too.

Ultra Beasts and Type: Zero

Pokemon theory secret story

Ultra beasts nearly destroyed the Alola region. So turning an ultra wormhole into a tourist attraction is playing with fire. At any point in time, ultra beasts could break through and threaten Galar. This is exactly what happens in the DLC! After completing Peony’s various missions, you can find a “legendary clue?” Item that starts a new quest. It shows an Ultra wormhole near the Max Lair, and after looking at it, Ultra Beasts appear in some Dynamax adventures. It’s lucky that the new Galar champ is here to clean things up, but what if it weren’t for you? May be This is why Chairman Rose Type: was sticking around zero.

It’s also possible that he wanted a Guy: Zero because he believed he could stop Eternatus. We were never told that Eternatus was an ultra-beast, but it would make sense if Rose would draw that conclusion. It came from space and can warp space-time. We were also told that it fell to Earth in a meteorite, and Peonia speculates that the Max Lair contains a giant wishing star. The reason you’re forced to use loaner Pokémon during Dynamax Adventures is because the Max Lair makes normal Pokémon lose control, just like Eternatus does on the darkest day. The Max Lair could be the impact crater where Eternatus fell to the ground, or at least a massive part of the original meteorite. When an ultra wormhole suddenly appeared in the cave, Rose may have connected the two of them.

Whether or not Eternatus is truly an ultra-beast, Rose was wise to have an ultra-beast hunter ready. However, Rose likely encountered the same problem as the Aether Foundation. Without a proper trainer, Type: Null simply cannot be controlled, so it ultimately proved useless to subdue Eternatus on the darkest day.

Connect the dots

Whatever its ultimate goal, it is clear that Macro Cosmos has a keen interest in the exploration of the multiverse. The same applies to both the Aether Foundation and the Devon Corporation, which ensures continuity between the post-credits plot of the last three generations. This ties the new Dynamax Adventures feature into the overarching series in a way that is rewarding for the players, and I really appreciate that.

Since Pokémon games are primarily intended for kids, the main story may never be the well-made, compelling masterpiece that older gamers crave. But there are still passionate people at Game Freak who are committed to filling the games with interesting lore. Some of the best stories in Pokémon are hidden in Pokédex entries and optional NPC conversations. This allows the series to remain accessible to young players and reward long-time fans for digging deeper. Hope you enjoyed this Pokémon Theory, and there may be more to come!

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