The source | Rachel Roy allegedly accuses Dame Dash of smoking weeds around children in the custody battle

Dame Dash’s custody battle with ex-wife Rachel Roy is getting uglier.

In April, the Mughal and his 11-year-old daughter petitioned Roy, Tallulah, for more detention. Dash stated that he had a lighter work schedule so he could spend more time with his daughter, and that Roy’s drinking could put her child’s life at risk.

Per The Blast:

On his file, Dash alleges an alleged incident that occurred at a Christmas party they both attended last year. He claims that Roy was “so drunk that she couldn’t drive herself or our daughter home”.

Dash says his current wife drove Roy and her child home. He says he’s worried that if Roy hadn’t been to the party he would have gone away with Tallulah drunk. He even added text messages that appear to show Roy apologizing for the night in question.

Roy responded to Dash with a number of allegations, including smoking weed around the children.

The 45-year-old fashion designer says custody should remain as it is as her ex-husband displayed abusive and negligent behavior towards her children.

Roy claims Dash’s story of domestic violence traumatized her children and dragged him for shaming Tallulah for not buying him a birthday present. Roy wants Dash to attend mandatory anger management courses and therapy sessions.

Dame Dash submitted a response saying he had “done everything in my power to rehabilitate from the past”.

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