The trading platform focused on Bitcoin and Ethereum introduces a retail investment product for a competitive APY

Bitcoin’s market capitalization (BTC) rose to over $ 1 trillion this year. And with BTC price, market capitalization fluctuates too, making it increasingly important to work with cryptocurrency experts to manage portfolio decisions, especially when it comes to investing in digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH).

With a focus on data-driven research and mathematical risk management using the latest technologies, Tantra Labs offers lower risk for the top performing cryptocurrencies with a 6% return, according to the company.

Tantra Labs, a leading automated market maker (AMM) liquidity provider and proprietary trading desk, has seen increased interest in its product, which offers a 6% annual percentage return (APY) on Bitcoin and Ethereum for a period of six months . This timeframe allows the company to capitalize on Bitcoin’s trends and, with a portion of the portfolio allocated to probabilistic strategies (momentum and mean reversion), generate high risk-adjusted returns. With these strategies they want to deliver optimal results to their customers.

In contrast to its competitors, Tantra offers a flat rate of 6%, regardless of the amount of BTC or ETH deposited. In addition, there are no minimum or maximum amounts for deposits and investors can deposit as they wish via the Tantra web app. Their web app also shows investors their deposits and interest earned in real time.

With portfolios associated with probabilistic strategies and deterministic trading algorithms like that of Tantra, investors can achieve higher returns. Using a variety of proprietary algorithmic trading strategies, the team of experts provides liquidity to the crypto markets to generate a return for their lenders that is on the assets they have deposited.

With no minimum deposit required, Tantra Labs has opened up to all accredited US investors and non-US citizens or residents, giving more investors the opportunity to get a higher return on their Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Focused approach on Bitcoin and Ethereum

With the majority of investors adding digital assets to their portfolios today, the advances in blockchain technology that underpins Bitcoin have fundamentally changed the industry around the world. The team behind Tantra ultimately believes in Bitcoin’s value proposition as the world’s dominant non-governmental digital store of value. Bitcoin has established itself as the leading cryptocurrency over the past decade, with a proven track record, security, immutability, and a censorship-resistant structure – all factors that are attractive to modern investors.

As a company, Tantra sees its overall task in identifying potential returns and making these opportunities available for everyday use as well as advanced investors, which is why they decided to support Ethereum. That decision was based on Ethereum’s track record as the second most liquid investment in crypto, a diverse universe of trading instruments that Tantra systems can capitalize on, and the established demand for ETH as a smart contract gas and collateral.

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Narration in numbers

The company announces that its long term vision is to offer the highest APY available for BTC and ETH. To date, Tantra has paid out over 150 BTC earnings to early investors and hundreds of lenders. The team has been in operation for over three years and has expanded to include quantitative researchers, engineers, data scientists, economists, and entrepreneurs with a deep fundamental understanding of Bitcoin.

“We are one of the few desks worldwide that name returns in Bitcoin and Ethereum and currently offer the highest APY on BTC and ETH in order to turn this vision into reality,” the company continues.

The Tantra Approach

Tantra Labs hopes to use its research to contribute to a “more equitable and financially stronger future”.

“Although we consider ourselves blockchain agnostics, we see Bitcoin as the most viable means to bring about positive change in our world.”

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