The TRON DeFi ecosystem has a new participant, YFX

TRON, the leading blockchain-based operating system that aims to build a global entertainment platform for digital content, has been investing heavily in DeFi since 2020. To solidify its DeFi position in the market, TRON has teamed up with leading platforms such as JUST, SUN, BitTorrent and WINkLink Foundation to launch the highly anticipated TRON Century Mining on March 8, 2021. Among its many participants is YFX (Your Future Exchange) will participate TRON Century Mining with the leading LP (Liquidity Mining) pool YFX-TRX at With the introduction of YFX into the TRON ecosystem, TRON Century Mining applicants will be rewarded with an increased YFX-TRX LP mining pace for liquid assets of approximately 6.8.

YFX.COM is a cross-chain decentralized contract platform based on Ethereum, Huobi Ecological Chain, Binance Smart Chain, OKEx Public Chain, TRON and Polkadot. The platform offers up to 100x the perpetual contract trading that BTC, ETH, or other similar assets can offer. YFX is very different from the usual AMM (Automatic Market Maker) model as it uses the QIC AMM Market Maker Pool method to offer its users high liquidity and low trading slippage. The primary goal of YFX.COM is to build a decentralized exchange that can compete with centralized exchanges in derivatives trading.

According to reports, the TRON Liquidity Mining campaign will last 3 months and TRON will allocate the $ 100 million budget it reserved for its developer hackathon to Century Mining. If liquidity mining proves fruitful, the TRON Foundation will consider providing unlimited subsidies to Century Mining attendees to make it the largest, most rewarding event in DeFi mining history. Corresponding, Users who participate in TRON Century Mining will receive rewards in 7 tokens: BTT, JST, TRX, SUN, WIN, YFX and NFT.

To participate in TRON mining, users must first visit to add liquidity and earn the LP tokens. After earning LP tokens, you can visit to wager your tokens. Adding liquidity to JustSwap is simple: users just need to click the “Add Liquidity” button, select 2 tokens of their choice, add the amount, then hit the “Deploy” button again. After confirmation and provision of liquidity, users will receive the corresponding LP tokens.

In order to set LP tokens on, users must first log into Sun, select the appropriate mining pool and enter the amount they want to provide. Then click the “Accept” button to confirm the delivery.

Each mining reward batch is activated once a week, with all rewards being issued within a maximum of 24 weeks, starting one week after participation. 10% of the total LP pool mining rewards, which is 33% of the total SUN incentives, can be paid out on request. The standout rewards, including JST, SUN, TRX, BTT, WIN, YFX, and NFT, unlock once a week every 24 weeks.

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