The US company Eos Energy is supplying a zinc-based energy storage system for the Azure Power project – pv magazine India

The Azure project is part of a major solar development in India that is installing Eos zic-based energy storage solutions to enable the solar shift.

April 13, 2021

Eos Energy Enterprises, Inc. (NASDAQ: EOSE), a leading provider of safe, scalable, efficient and sustainable zinc-based energy storage systems, has booked contracts from key customers such as Hecate Energy, Azure Power and ZGlobal Inc. to meet the increased demand for energy storage in critical markets like Texas, California and India.

The Hecate project in Texas is the first order booked under the far-reaching agreement to deliver more than 1 GWh of energy storage projects to Hecate Energy (“Hecate”) announced by Eos in November 2020. Hecate is a leading global developer. Owner and operator of solar, natural gas, wind and energy storage projects with an order volume of 2.1 GW and a pipeline of more than 12 GW. In view of the recent grid problems in Texas due to winter storms, storing energy is more important than ever to ensure a reliable and resilient grid. Eos Clean Energy solutions add value to grid operations by integrating renewable electricity and providing this much-needed grid support. This project, and the broader agreement with Hecate, is aimed at meeting that specific need in many utility companies across Texas.

The Azure project is part of a large solar development in India that is installing Eos energy storage solutions to enable the solar shift. Azure Power (NYSE: AZRE) is a leading independent solar power producer with an India-wide portfolio of 6.9 GWh as of February 28, 2021. India’s renewable energy market has grown dramatically in recent years and storage is starting to boom. Especially since independent power generators (“IPPs”) like Azure Power are committed to using only renewable electricity in the nationwide round-the-clock auctions. Eos’ success in India is based on its previous use of energy storage systems with a leading IPP to support the solar shift in this critical market, which demonstrated the safety and resilience of Eos technology in harsh environments including temperatures as high as 45 ° C.

The ZGlobal California project is coupled with a solar project and represents a new long-term relationship for the company. ZGlobal Inc. is a power engineering consultancy staffed by veterans of the California Independent System Operator (“CAISO”) and various California utility companies .

“Texas and California are important growth areas for Eos in the US, while India offers great potential for our global expansion plans. We are happy to receive orders from marquee customers in all of these markets. We believe this validates Eos’ technology solution with top-notch mainstream customers to address long-term use cases such as renewable energy shift, ”said Balki Iyer, Eos chief commercial officer. “We continue to see strong sales momentum as the benefits of our technology, including low operating costs, minimal carbon footprint and stable supply chain, continue to resonate in the marketplace as customers realize that storage is essential for energy conservation and the redefinition of Network is vital. With this announcement, Eos’ backlog has grown to approximately $ 30 million, including more than 20 orders with a total output of approximately 107 MWh in the past six months. In addition, the company expanded its pipeline to more than $ 3.5 billion and expected delivery over the next four years. “

The Eos Znyth® technology can be used, among other things, for front-of-meter network installations and industrial applications behind the meter. The zinc-powered batteries can be used both as a stand-alone storage device and together with renewable energies in the power grid and in commercial and industrial systems.

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