Theta is developing a P2P network for esports video streaming

The latest development plan, illustrated and curated by blockchain company Theta, is their peer-to-peer (P2P) video streaming services for online sports. The blockchain network currently has a user base of 1 million on retainers trading in additional bandwidth. The exchange rate of theta accelerated to a profit of 6 million US dollars after the accumulation of users and Theta predictionwhich was over 300% in 2021. These momentous trade records have branded the blockchain network as one of the most important crypto token lists.

Theta users are rewarded with exciting prizes while watching live digital game events to share with other users in order to credit TFuel tokens. Avid viewers, users can earn profits of $ 5 to $ 10 every month on a regular basis.

This revolutionary exchange method will change the game for the better in the field of cryptocurrencies. The time invested in the decentralized streaming network will generate huge profits and will be further scaled by Theta.

The blockchain network Theta is continuously expanding its diverse range of grants for its users. Theta is also researching Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) offerings, a traditional online language listed on blockchain networks. To keep the progressive momentum going, Theta has launched Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications that allow its user base to withdraw, deposit and conduct P2P crypto exchanges. In addition, blockchain trading networks such as Uniswap and Compound are authorized in the Theta network without any system change.

Pop music artist Katy Perry also steps in to allow users to join the theta network with a confidential agreement. Perry has agreed to authorize NFTs of their music events through the Theta Network.

Major companies like the multinational conglomerate Samsung and the well-known media company Sony Group Corp. are business leaders who fund and support Theta’s new project plans. Sony is also funding tokens to help authenticate exchanges designing Modish blocks in the blockchain ecosystem. This led Sony to credit Tfuel winnings of $ 2 million.

The crypto token TFuel currently has a profitable valuation and has grown from 4 cents since its introduction in the blockchain space to an exchange value of $ 6 in a period of one year.

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