Theta Network Multiexperience Development Platforms (MXDP) and Global 1000 Enterprises

According to reports, Google, Sony, and Samsung are Theta Enterprise Validators. You have media companies like MGM and Lionsgate for content partners. For growth partners, they have the Japanese LINE Corporation and the Korean Kakao Klaytn in Asia.

The Gartner report states that “multi-experience development platforms” (MXDP) is an emerging area of ​​enterprise applications. By 2024, every third company will use a multi-experience development platform to increase the speed at which IT and business fusion teams are working to deliver successful digital products. “

Multiexperience refers to Digital user experiences that cover interactions with multiple devices, touchpoints and modalities, turning into a journey of multiple experiences.

Multiexperience Development Platforms focus on seamlessly moving digital experiences from web apps to mobile, IoT, wearable devices, voice, video apps, custom chatbots, voice, video apps and more. A suitable infrastructure to make this possible is facilitated.

Theta sees this as a unique opportunity for Theta to become a household name in every global company. Hence, they focus on becoming the structure of the multi-experience applications.

Theta has an interesting technical characteristic known as off-chain micropayments that are worth investigating. This means that for use cases that are looking for better speed than Ethereum, Theta Network can provide this.

The theta transaction fee charged to the sender is approximately etwa thousandths of a cent. When combined with smart contracts, the implementation of micropayments out of the chain and dapps that support multiple companies, devices and participants in the value chain, Theta is unique.

Your journey is just beginning. The growth opportunities are exponential. In addition, the theta blockchain consumes far less than 1% of Bitcoin’s energy / transaction.

Theta Network is already known for making it possible to buy, sell and trade official moments from the World Poker Tour. Those looking to revive and own some moments should check out the packs that are on sale in the WPT Moments.

Some of them have pre-financed their projects. Some reported a smooth buying experience while others had concerns.

The marketplace isn’t ready yet, but it’s coming soon and when it comes to it, users can trade their moments. Theta is a solid project. It should probably evolve to get better.

Someone who valued NFTS stated: NFTs have a lot more to offer than most people think. Every enthusiasm creates some gems and basic pieces of the puzzle. It’s no different – nothing accidental. I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

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