Thou shalt mine: Bitcoin altar appears on the streets of the Russian city


14:15 GMT 02/28/2018Get short url

Sputnik International


The “sacred” crypto square was organized on the wall of one of the city’s buildings, but its author is unknown.

Residents of Yekaterinburg, Russia, woke up one day to find that a forward-looking citizen in the city had organized a bitcoin altar for those who would like to pray for the well-being of digital currency (and for the well-being of their crypto and real wallets) , no doubt). So if you are a loyal admirer of Bitcoin and want it to return to its late 2017 glory, feel free to embark on a pilgrimage to “holy Kryptomekka”.

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The altar itself is as simple as it can be – a bitcoin logo in a frame studded with ordinary colored stones, hanging on the wall of a building on Proletarskaya Street, inside a painted orange circle, surrounded by the symbols of the US Dollars and Russian rubles.

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Bitcoin caught investor attention in early 2017 when the price began to rise rapidly. It rose more than 1000% over the year, with many financial experts calling rates speculative, suggesting that the Bitcoin market had turned into a bubble that could explode at any moment. Bitcoin took a nosedive in early 2018 but later regained some of its value.

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