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Recently, more and more young people are turning to it Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, have the ability to make money quickly and easily and learn more about it Tick ​​tock and Instagram.

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Gen Z and new investments

How do Generation Z youth navigate these new investment decisions? Jessica Menton, journalist from personal finance and markets of Usa Today News he spoke to presenter Claire Thornton about the social and economic factors that hit young investors during the current US financial rally. Their dialogue showed that young people are turning to cryptocurrencies and other less traditional investments because they can be an opportunity to do so earn more money quickly. At such a speed, however, there is an equally high risk as young people find out about TikTok or Instagram. This is where Gen Z is looking for financial advice, everything is available to everyone here.

What is to be considered? The risk is that these young investors end up having gods very high debt and according to expert Jessica Menton, the risk increases when the protagonists belong to discriminated groups: young African-Americans, women, people of the LGBTQ community. According to some financial experts, marginalized communities tend to worry about losing money because they learned details Prejudice and unfair treatment.



TikTok and Bitcoin: Learning on Social Media

But where can you buy and trade cryptocurrencies? Cryptocurrencies are created and traded on one decentralized computer network and obviously they have an attractive power to younger investors. Sometimes, the expert tells a Use Today News, some of these investors are still pending graduation and ask their parents to trade cryptocurrencies open accounts try to help them with the exchange.

Many Americans rely on social media for Financial and investment advice, like TikTok and Instagram. These tips can be really helpful at times as some of the content is not all about investing but also about pills on how to try to pay off a debt or understand how do you get a mortgage. Right now people are really curious about how the financial world works, which seems to be so taboo. A fog that prevents you from seeing clearly. There’s always little talk about it, and that prevents Gen Z young people – and millennials too – from Awareness of his money and the possibilities that come with it. In response to that need to know, social media is the place to go to learn. Some users, sometimes graduates of this industry, open profiles on TikTok or Instagram in which they explain in simple language what Bitcoin is, how to invest online, what the risks are.

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