Top 5 Bitcoin Hardware Wallets of 2021

Bitcoin has found widespread acceptance and continues to grow in quality. In contrast to stocks in a stock deal, you will withdraw your cryptocurrencies from a crypto exchange and store them in a wallet. With the most straightforward Bitcoin wallets, it’s fun to easily store and manage your crypto portfolios.

As with several amateur and seasoned investors, owning Bitcoin seems like the easiest step to investing. But as with most valuable objects or stocks, the general price will be determined by how secure your Bitcoin storage will be. To store Bitcoin solidly, here is a list of the best Bitcoin hardware of 2021 given below.

Safe model T

This is one of the best Second generation hardware wallets specially designed for Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies. It gives users the ability to access third party exchanges like Changelly and Shapeshift. You can access exchanges that are convenient for you. However, the cost of this wallet is hard to justify for this feature alone. You will be ready to use the big screen with the Model T to be a great relief to new users. There is also a microSD slot. Therefore, you can encrypt the PIN and protect your device from attacks.

The Trezor Model T comes with a constant USB Type-C cable. Hence, you can connect to your smartphone or laptop, computer or desktop to access your storage bag. Around 1,400 cryptocurrencies are accessible via this hardware wallet.


  • Web-based program with exchange options for easy access
  • A huge list of supported cryptocurrencies
  • Open source with a huge amount of community and customer support
  • Unlimited number of simultaneously accessible wallets


  • The price is high for a hardware case
  • The small touchscreen is sometimes difficult to work with
  • It can be confusing for a power user


Mycelium is an ASCII text file and a Bitcoin hardware wallet for mobile devices only. It only supports Bitcoin, ETH, ERC-20 tokens and FIO tokens. It has several variations: it is mobile, offers more program and together offers a natural exchange. According to surveys, Mycelium is one of the most widely used hardware wallets. You can set custom trading fees and thus choose how long you are willing to participate in a closed trade.

Together, Mycelium offers some fascinating options like a hardware wallet that allows users to carry their bitcoins in an offline storage device while using Mycelium’s program to identify their holdings. It gives you a lot of management over trading fees and is built into a hardware case.


  • Customizable trading fees
  • Ability to use hardware wallets
  • Open source software package


  • Can only use it with cell phones
  • Confusing for a first-time user

Ledger Nano X

This is our choice for that simplest Bitcoin case. If you have a cryptocurrency in your portfolio, you should choose Ledger Nano X to keep your crypto safe and secure. Ledger Nano X is a second generation hardware wallet from Ledger, a French company that has been in the crypto house for several years. Their first product, the Ledger Nano S, was one of the best hardware wallets out there and was widely used for a few years.

While several alternative Bitcoin wallets are being put online, these hardware wallets are being hampered by the laptop. They act like a USB drive and connect to your device via USB or Bluetooth. Hence, you won’t always like a particular Windows laptop, Mac or Linux laptop or computer. As it is a hardware wallet, Ledger Nano X supports over 1,500 cryptocurrencies, which are still growing as users consult their favorite cryptos.

Although Ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet, an accompanying Ledger Live software package offers a program for all of your holdings. The program enables users to offer new wallets for different cryptocurrencies and manage their portfolios from the software package. The Ledger program includes a USB Type-C cable. Therefore, you connect together with this methodology via a PC. You can use the Bluetooth operator to continue to connect to a smartphone or tablet.


  • Ledger Live is intuitive and has a handy program
  • Save up to a hundred completely different apps at the same time
  • Open source
  • Bluetooth property


  • Bluetooth isn’t as simple as it should be
  • Can only hold a few wallets at a time


If you want the initial bitcoin hardware wallet, this can be it! Electrum has been around since 2011 and hasn’t changed much since it was first created. The program provides the basics and is dedicated to Bitcoin. Electrum is designed for beginners as the advanced choices can be too overwhelming for brand new users and Bitcoin starters.

While some wallets have a closed stash, Electrum is dedicated to the ASCII text file and allows users to pay custom group promotion fees. You can choose between Bitcoin and Segwit and choose the security you want to use for your wallet. The levels of protection allow you to use two-factor authentication, multi-signature wallets, or perhaps expand your sentence with custom words. Together with your PIN code, QR code and passphrase, these security functions work under the operating system to shield your hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. You are ready to keep everything under your complete management, even through the use of your locking key!


  • Set fees for custom group actions
  • Higher security than alternative hardware wallets
  • Ability to customize phrases
  • Open supply


  • Basic program
  • Only works with Bitcoin
  • No customer support


Exodus is a desktop and mobile wallet with an elementary program. In general, Exodus’s most popular option is the ability to switch between a growing range of cryptocurrencies. With its simplicity, this wallet is great for beginners who are just getting into the crypto house. It also offers great support, which is vital for beginners to enter a market that many would find confusing. Exodus currently allows swaps over a hundred completely different cryptocurrencies.

While Exodus is suitable for beginners, advanced users could encounter problems in many areas. First, Exodus is a closed hardware wallet. This contradicts the attribute of the concept of bitcoin and blockchain and may have some security considerations as the code is not accessible to everyone. Instead, users admit to the Exodus team making sure that there aren’t any loopholes in the security of their notebook. Exodus has the option to set custom fees to keep prices down. It also has the ability to mechanically set the cost to ensure the group action is completed quickly.


  • Supports different types of cryptocurrencies
  • Built-in exchange
  • Good customer support


  • Closed utility software system
  • Difficult for advanced users


The key to finding the most effective bitcoin hardware wallet for your needs is to make sure you understand the interface and exchanges. Pick the one that will keep your investment safe and help you with the cryptocurrency of your choice. Although many wallets allow you to exchange your cryptocurrencies and work with different types, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you and choose one accordingly.

Edited by Tanish Sachdev

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