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Staking out cryptocurrencies is often a great way to grow your portfolio. At Tezos, the staking process is called “baking”. The following bakers offer the highest staking yield, although their fees can vary quite a bit.

Baking team

At the top of the list we find the 95th baker who was added to the list MyTezosBaker. Baking Team is very popular, although it wasn’t added until September 2019. This makes it one of the newer offerings to hit the market considering some other services on the list go back as far as July 2018.

What makes Baking Team so appealing is how it’s one 0% Tezos baking fee. In the case of a service where users delegate their baking rights, operation with a 0% fee is relatively rare. Especially when you consider how it is The staking return is 6.24% per year. It is the most efficient baking service today, but it is almost always at full capacity.


Some people might be surprised to see the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange on the list. While not everyone likes Binance or the way they do business, it’s obvious that baking Tezos on this platform is worth a look.

At the time of writing, Binance is entertaining 0% fee for baking XTZ, with one Annual return of 6.23%. It is a little less efficient compared to Baking Team, but it still has free capacity. Relying on Binance for baking is an option, but only if you are comfortable with it.


Another relatively new baking service is Ateza. It was originally launched in November 2019 and quickly moved up to MyTezosBaker. Offer to operate at a 0% fee is a wise decision as it will attract a lot of attention from users who want to delegate their baking rights.

The annual yield for Ateza is more than respectable. offer 6.17% staking return per year is very competitive as only a handful of vendors can offer more than 6%. However, it is another baker who is almost always at full capacity and is worth keeping an eye on.

Tezos San Diego

For a service that was only launched in April 2020. Tezos San Diego is a pretty surprising addition to the list. Part of his high ranking is that high staking return of 6.07%. Unfortunately, this seems to come at a cost. If you look at its efficiency class, it receives a “D”, which is not too high.

In addition, Tezos San Diego a 3% fee on all rewards paid to users. This may be the main reason this project has a very low capacity. It takes a bit of work to increase efficiency, as a low efficiency indicates that the service has already missed its opportunity to validate blocks a few times.

Tezos maximalist

Another new baking supplier made it into the top 5 at this point. Baking Tezos through Tezos Maximalist will be more attractive compared to the previous provider for obvious reasons.

Not only does it have a higher efficiency of “AAA”, it also has sufficient capacity to fill. Plus this baker has one 2.5% lower fee compared to the 3% of San Diego. It is The staking return is slightly lower at 6.05%which is still more than respectable.

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