Top Ethereum Holders, Ethereum Rich List

A decentralized open source platform with intelligent contracts, ether was originally founded in July 2015. They are aimed at making applications run exactly as programmed, with no system errors, fraud, third party interference, etc. On a custom blockchain system, users can provide the services of creating markets and storing logs, liabilities and capital transport according to long-term instructions. Ether, a cryptocurrency which can be Transferred between accounts and used to reward mining nodes for performing math calculations. Edited by a worldwide team of dedicated and passionate developers, Ethereum was developed for the Ethereum Foundation, a Swiss non-profit organization. It is supported by Linux, Windows, MacOS, POSIX and Raspbian operating systems. Ethereum is supposed to be a kind of world computer that not only decentralizes the current client-server model, but also democratizes it. It is working to return control of the data in numerous services like Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc. to its owner.

The Ethereum walletThe digital wallet designed for users on the Ethereum blockchain helps hold and secure Ether and / or other crypto assets based on Ethereum. It’s not just jA digital wallet also allows you to write, station and use smart contracts. With a total of 5,000,000.00 tokens delivery of Ethereum tokens and a total of 2539 token holders, with the top 10 token holders making up a total of 2539 token holders 4,847,030.06 tokens. This means that almost 96.94% of all Ethereum tokens are held collectively by the top 10 Ethereum token holders. Only a small fraction of Ethereum holders, i.e. 0.39%, makes up the majority of token holders. Ethereum addresses or the addresses of the token holders consist of the prefix ‘0x’, which is concatenated with the 20 bytes on the far right of the big endian hash of the ECDSA public key. These addresses belong to token holders who usually want to keep these tokens long enough for the network value to take on the guesswork.

rank address balance
1 0x281055afc982d96fab65b3a49cac8b878184cb16 1,538,422.801690288194846506 ether
2 0x6f46cf5569aefa1acc1009290c8e043747172d89 1,510,065.606605753037298732 ether
3rd 0x90e63c3d53e0ea496845b7a03ec7548b70014a91 1,507,810.416658365151596003 ether
4th 0x53d284357ec70ce289d6d64134dfac8e511c8a3d 1,378,754.093067888911481302 ether
5 0xab7c74abc0c4d48d1bdad5dcb26153fc8780f83e 1,000,000.011363125364129408 ether
6th 0xfe9e8709d3215310075d67e3ed32a380ccf451c8 923,964.658275323114330778 ether
7th 0xe853c56864a2ebe4576a807d26fdc4a0ada51919 | Kraken_3 801,159.261933372094865 ether
8th 0x9937dbb2128b55c44d8af7bf36fd76796a814cf4 | EOS owner 775,764.614011410664714104 ether
9 0x61edcdf5bb737adffe5043706e7c5bb1f1a56eea 725,000.00001 ether
10 0xfbb1b73c4f0bda4f67dca266ce6ef42f520fbb98 | Bittrex 676,216.020648665787404457 ether

A belief based primarily on the long-term scaling solutions provided by Ethereum has now been held as a widespread belief that Ethereum would have one of the largest market caps in the near future. Ethereum’s transition from proof of work to proof of pile removal will result in a significantly smaller ecological footprint.

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