TRON 4.0: Justin Sun Claims “Bull is Coming” as TRON Adopts a New Domain Name

As the cryptocurrency market continues to struggle to break out of the bearish zone, the CEO and founder of the TRON blockchain network has stated that the bull is afoot for its cryptocurrency.

After a sluggish weekend in which the price of Bitcoin fell below $ 9,000 for the first time since May, the cryptocurrency market appears to be on a reverse track when Bitcoin came back to power yesterday (July 6th) and hit 9,200 US dollars rose. However, the leading cryptocurrency failed on the uptrend when it tried to break above the $ 9,300 level.

While the TRON Foundation today announced the much anticipated TRON 4.0 upgrade, a major development expected to change the face of TRON in the blockchain industry, millennial CEO Justin Sun had expressed his confidence that the TRON award will soon explode in the market.

TRX, the 16th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, will soon be riding the bull, according to Sun, which will result in a significant increase in its market value.

In the statement, Justin Sun said, “TRON Bull is coming TRX.”

However, the statement sparked mixed reactions from his followers on Twitter. A number of people praised the entrepreneur for his tireless efforts in developing TRON and the entire crypto space. Others mocked the BitTorrent CEO and showed their disbelief in the claim.

TRON takes over new domain name

Justin Sun’s optimism about the price of TRX in the near future was preceded by the announcement that TRON has launched a new domain name.

Although TRON will not delete its previous (original) domain “”, the blockchain network has adopted a new “top-tier single-letter domain” name called “”.

TRON said the two domain names share similar information; therefore they are the same. TRON said it made the decision to take over the new domain because single letter prefix domains are the most compact and impressive domain names that people can easily visit and share.

According to TRON, the one-letter domain name is rare and valuable, easy to remember and quick to type. This will help expand brand influence and attract more visitors to the TRON site, according to the TRON Foundation.

The Blockchain Foundation claimed that the new single-letter domain name will be of great importance to the TRON network as it enters the 4.0 Great Voyage phase.

Justin Sun commented on the new domain name that the simple name has collector value and could help TRON “deliver more premium investments”. He stated that in conjunction with the release of the TRON 4.0 era, the premium single letter domain name is a great development for TRON.

The Chinese decent entrepreneur said the new domain will help and enhance the benefits users get from the four main features of TRON 4.0.

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