Tron & BitTorrent NFT Alliance opens doors

Imagine, if you will, a project whose primary purpose is to promote the development of Tron NFTs. Imagine a partnership so large that the entire Tron ecosystem benefits from its existence. All of this is possible. In fact, such partnerships are actively being built.

NFTs on Tron

Tron was an incredible place for emerging NFT collections. The rise of Tpunks, Tronmeebits and the Bored Ape Tron Club was a sight to behold. The NFT market on Tron seems to be on the cusp of something great. While the Tron community continues to cheer for the arrival of new NFT projects, there is something that sets the Tron NFT space apart from other blockchains. This is the incredible work that goes on behind the scenes. NFT projects on Tron are rapidly shifting from introducing a simple non-fungible token, but instead developing value propositions behind the NFT projects they are building. The challenge so far has been that the community is a bit fragmented about which projects should be supported in the long term. Until now, that is.

Introducing the Tron & BitTorrent NFT Alliance

Tron is stronger when the community is together. Rather than running projects separately, the alliance will drive growth through a shared vision of strengthening the NFT space in Tron. The goal is to bring important Super Representatives, community leaders, Tron himself and other important players into the alliance. This will allow us to capitalize on the success of the Tron NFT projects for the benefit of the wider community, which will ultimately not only affect each individual project, but also; Tron himself.

Advantages of the alliance

The central focus of the alliance is quite simple: increasing the value of important NFT collections. Hence, long-term Tron and BitTorrent NFT owners benefit directly. As the alliance grows together, they will discover new and exciting ways to work together and be mutually beneficial and add value to the community.

Popular collections

Provision of resources for each audited collection. This means that any project that is part of the alliance has the opportunity to build beyond the original NFT launch.

Long-term NFT holders

To provide value to long-term owners of Tron and BitTorrent based NFTs. It is clear that Tron users have loudly asked to use their NFTs in unique and original ways. Allianz sees this as an opportunity to build something special.

One community, together.

Creating a social space to bring the Tron community together. As already mentioned, we are stronger together. The advantage of a community in which collaboration is paramount cannot be underestimated. We envision bringing all NFT owners together to share, dream and thrive together.

Build a strong foundation

The alliance will be much bigger than just NFT collections. With such a grand vision, we are going to reach every part of the Tron ecosystem to be part of it.

Super representatives

Super Representatives play a key role in running the Tron community. They are also important drivers in building the Tron ecosystem. The alliance sees SR play a vital role in ensuring that the infrastructure is in place on Tron to handle what is being built. SRs in an advisory role are encouraged to join the community to help expand the Tron NFT ecosystem.

Church leader

Community leaders and Tron OGs continue to offer Tron significant value. Whether it’s coming up with new ideas, sharing incredible stats, or just being there when you need help, these people bring incredible experiences to the Tron community. The alliance will provide a space for community leaders to interact with the community on a closer level, which will only strengthen the bond and foundation of the entire Tron ecosystem.


There are incredible platforms that have been built on the Tron blockchain so far. The alliance aims to work with all platforms that provide them with broad benefits while providing important benefits to NFT holders participating in their platforms.

Popular NFT collections

Ultimately, the alliance aims to build on the success of some of the most popular NFT projects that have joined the alliance. Early access to embossing and strategic airdrops will be one of the most important benefits of the alliance for the Tron NFT community.

Dedicated partner


ApexGo is the driving force behind the Tron and BitTorrent NFT alliance.

ApexGo is here to provide an easy way for the BTT and Tron community to review their NFTs based on the rarity of features and other metrics that the collection warrants.

  • ApexGo strives to expand the rarity tool around NFT projects of alliance members.
  • ApexGo will endeavor to increase the awareness of the Tron and BitTorrent NFT collections

Tron spark

TronSpark has been a Super Representative at Tron since 2018. They also operate the Tron-related news site

  • Tron Spark will play a central role in the alliance by promoting and promoting communication within the alliance.
  • Tron Spark has also agreed to take the lead in community development, marketing, and public relations.
  • Tron Spark has committed to using part of its SR premiums to purchase the floor for all NFT projects within the alliance.

Score milk

Score Milk is developing a Gamefi room within Tron. They believe that NFTs will offer significant growth opportunities in the GameFi space in the future

  • Score Milk is committed to integrating NFTs from alliance partners into their ecosystem.
  • Score Milk is open to providing special rewards directly to those who participate in the Alliance’s platform.

The Tron & Bittorent NFT Alliance opens doors to the ecosystem. If you are interested in joining the alliance, please contact us at

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