Tron Europe increases the stakes with the introduction of Freeze Smart Contracts

Cryptocurrencies and their neighboring industries have enjoyed an excellent run over the past few weeks, with the bull ruling the bear. So that customers can fully exploit the positive mood, companies like Tron Europe are stepping up their game in terms of updates and further developments.

Just two weeks ago, Tron Europe released its native TERC freeze smart contract, which aims to create an even more robust environment for TERC owners. Tron Europe stated that the function was added at a time in preparation for the launch of the BeFaster application.

Trom Europe made the news several times over the past year after promising to revolutionize the decentralized network. The introduction of the BeFaster application has been the subject of much discussion in the Tron and Fitness community, and enthusiastic fans are counting the days. The latest Freeze Smart Contract is a calculated step to get the ecosystem off the ground.

According to the Tron Europe press release, the organization rewarded frozen TERC on January 31st. The official statement added:

“In the transition phase, we will be giving out rewards to both frozen and unfrozen TERCs. So don’t miss out on your rewards and freeze now. Soon after, you’ll be able to check your freeze details on our new SR-TRON-EUROPE DASHBOARD on Tron Radar! We support Tronlink and all compatible browser extensions and Dapp browsers with our Freeze Smart Contract. With Tronlink you can even use your Ledger hardware wallet to freeze. “

Tron Europe has admitted on several occasions that the early adopters of TERC were the real heroes, and the recent launches are proof of that. With the Freeze Smart Contract, users can build their own stack of coins. The project then selects the longest freezing period to show support for the ecosystem. Users also benefit from the freeze time as the time is used to generate rewards. As made crystal clear by Tron Europe:

“Every TERC holder has the option of adjusting their freeze period between high liquidity and higher bonus premiums.”

The TERC rewards are calculated based on the TRX rewards users receive for voting on the Tron blockchain. This was done to facilitate the growth of the Tron blockchain. Rewards are calculated by multiplying a user’s TRX per vote by the Tron Europe Reward Rate. Token holders also have the option to climb the reward system with a minimum purchase of 1000 TERC frozen tokens.

TERC holders also have the option of receiving full rewards until thawing. Privacy and speed were the need of the hour when TE doubled its cheap transaction mantra. Once the BeFaster application launches, more users are expected to flock to the TERC ecosystem. It is only a matter of time before more information is released that will bring the buzz around the cryptocurrency market to eleven.

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